ERA Media Release - Mr Mohamed Daggash

On the Tuesday 28 November 2017, the ERA Stewards have concluded an inquiry that was opened at the Sharjah race meeting on Saturday 11 November 2017. The inquiry was initiated after a report, from the ERA Veterinary Officer, Dr. Belinda Rose, that HEBAYEB AL GHARBIA (AE) trained by Mr. Mohamed Daggash and engaged in Race 3 at the Sharjah race meeting, had a wound on its left side jugular vein consistent with a recent injection.

At the initial inquiry, after taking statements from Dr. Rose and Mr. Daggash, the Stewards ordered the late withdrawal of HEBAYEB AL GHARBIA (AE) from Race 3. Stewards conducted an inspection of the truck that transported the filly to the race course and ordered blood and a urine samples to be taken from the filly. Further statements were taken from the stable staff of Mr. Daggash.

At the reconvened inquiry, Mr. Daggash and Mr. Suhail Ali Salmeen Ali Al Mazrouei, the owner of HEBAYEB AL GHARBIA (AE) and Wasim Sainuddin, a stable staff member were in attendance.

The evidence and later report from Dr. Rose summarized the following facts-
• HEBAYEB AL GHARBIA (AE) was late arriving on course and as such, she was ordered by the Stewards to take a pre-race blood sample from the filly.
• On arrival at the box where HEBAYEB AL GHARBIA (AE) was stable, Dr. Rose noted the filly was sweating more than normal and suggested that HEBAYEB AL GHARBIA (AE) go to the wash bay and cool down. The grooms advised that they had already washed the filly.
• HEBAYEB AL GHARBIA (AE) was identified by a microchip scanner.
• An examination of HEBAYEB AL GHARBIA’s (AE) left jugular revealed the presence of a small, 6mm trace of fresh blood on the hair directly over the left side jugular vein.
• The grooms of Mr. Daggash said they were unaware of how the mark had appeared and that no injection had been given.
• HEBAYEB AL GHARBIA (AE) had no signs of trauma around its head.
• That in her professional opinion HEBAYEB AL GHARBIA (AE) had received an injection on the day of the races.

Mr. Daggash explained that he had no explanation of how the wound appeared on the left side jugular vein of HEBAYEB AL GHARBIA (AE) at the Sharjah race meeting on Saturday 11th November 2017. The stable staff of Mr. Daggash explained that the filly was fractious when being transported to the race course and it possibly may have struck its neck on the partition in the horse truck, injuring its left side neck. Mr. S Al Mazrouei was also unable to explain how the wound appeared on HEBAYEB AL GHARBIA (AE).

The Stewards do not accept that the wound on the left side jugular vein of HEBAYEB AL GHARBIA (AE) was due to the filly being fractious in the horse truck when being transported to the race course, as an examination of HEBAYEB AL GHARBIA (AE) on the day did not reveal any relative trauma around the head that would support that suggestion. The Stewards prefer the evidence of Dr. Rose, a veterinary officer who examined the filly after it had arrived on course.

Based on the evidence before them, the Stewards were satisfied that HEBAYEB AL GHARBIA (AE) was medicated by injection in contravention with ERA Rule 95AAA 9. prior to its scheduled engagement in Race 3 at Sharjah on Saturday 11 November 2017.

Mr. M Daggash, under the provisions of 31(i)(b), as the trainer is responsible for all matters pertaining to the running of his stable. As such, acting under the general powers of the Stewards, under the provisions of ERA Rule 11(i), the Stewards believe that his negligence in the performing of his duties as a Trainer, has led to a breach of ERA Rule 95AAA 9. in that, in their opinion, HEBAYEB AL GHARBIA (AE) was medicated by injection on race day prior to its scheduled engagement in Race 3 at Sharjah on Saturday 11 November 2017.

In assessing an appropriate penalty, the Stewards cannot overstate the seriousness of this matter, giving that any breach of a Rule relating to the treatment or medication of a horse is at the heart of the integrity of our sport, and any penalty for such breaches needs to act as a deterrent for all participants. Accordingly, for this matter, Mr. M Daggash was fined the sum of AED 30,000.

Stewards Panel:
Mr. Sam Shinsky (Chairman), Mr. Taylor Wilson, Mr. Adrian Sharpe, Mr Hamad Al Shamsi and Mr. Ajay Anne