ERA Media Release - Mr Rashed Bouresly

On 1 October 2019, the ERA Appeal Panel adjudicated on the appeal lodged by Mr. Rashed Bouresly against the decision of the Stewards from the inquiry held on the 29 August 2019, namely;
(a) The decision made (decision 1), pursuant to the Rules, to find Mr. Bouresly guilty, pursuant to Rule 95(c)(i) of the Rules, of an offence; and
(b) The decision made (decision 2), pursuant to the Rules, to impose on Mr. Bouresly a penalty of AED 50,000.

Having read and heard the submissions of the appellant and of Mr. Samuel Shinsky, on behalf of the Stewards, the Appeal Panel determined that the appeal against each decision 1 and decision 2 has failed and that the AED 50,000 penalty shall stand.