ERA Notice Regarding Field Sizes

At the completion of the 2018/19 racing season the ERA reviewed safety field sizes at all the UAE Tracks. After consultation with the Clubs and Jockeys, the following changes have been made to the safety field sizes:

1400 metres on the dirt has been increased from 14 to 16.

Jebel Ali
1600 metres has been decreased from 16 to 14.

Abu Dhabi
Previously Abu Dhabi has had different safety field limits depending on the breed of the horse. As per all other tracks in the UAE, the new safety field limit will be the same for both Purebred Arabians and Thoroughbreds.
Abu Dhabi will also introduce rail movements throughout the season with November and December’s movements listed below;

Rail Position: Race Date
True entire course: Sunday, November 24th 2019 & Sunday, December 22nd 2019
Out 3 metres entire course: Friday, October 25th 2019 & Sunday, December 8th 2019
Out 6 metres entire course: Friday, November 8th 2019 & Sunday, December 15th 2019

Future rail movements will be published at a later date.

Turf True Out 3m Out 6m
1000M 12 12 10
1200M 14 14 12
1300M 14 14 12
1400M 16 16 14
1600M 16 16 14
2200M 14 14 12
2400M 16 16 14