17 yrs. Gr H (4754 days since last race)

Verglas (IRE) - Miss Bio (FR) by River Mist (USA)

Ecurie Mister Ess A S

Jean Collet & Mlle Marie Laure Collet

Trainer: Nicolas Clement

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
31/03/2007 Nad Turf G G1 1777 1:47:94 57 3 Peslier O 9 12.5 Admire Moon (JPN) 120 Mid-div, rdn 600m out, nt clr run from 400m out, r.o. nr finish
30/09/2006 Lon Turf G G1 1400 1:20:90 57 Thulliez T 4 1 Caradak (IRE) NOR Alwys in tch, chsd ldrs 300m out, rdn 200m out, styd on cls home
03/09/2006 Lon Turf GS G1 1600 1:38:10 56 Thulliez T 2 0.5 Librettist NOR In tch, 4th str, hdwy to go 2nd 400m out, drvn & kpt on
13/08/2006 Dea Turf S G1 1600 1:43:10 56 Thulliez T 4 2 Librettist NOR Hld up, hdwy on rls 400m out, dispd 2nd, one pace fnl 200m
09/07/2006 Cha Turf GS G1 1600 1:37:80 58 Thulliez T 1 0.5 Kentucky Dynamite NOR Last str, angled out 400m out, strg run fnl 200m, ld lst strdes
20/06/2006 Asc Turf GF Unknown 1600 1:39:50 57 Peslier O 2 2.0 Araafa (IRE) NOR Hld up last, detached, rapid prog 400m out, chsd wnr, no chance
14/05/2006 Lon Turf G G1 1600 1:37:00 58 Thulliez T 3 0.6 Aussie Rules NOR Trckd ldr, led ovr 400m out, hdd 100yds out, lost 2nd last strides
23/04/2006 Lon Turf G G3 1600 1:38:20 58 Thulliez T 1 4.0 Light of Joy (FR) NOR Trckd ldr to st, led 400m out, pshd clr ovr 200m out, ran on strngly
04/04/2006 Mai Turf H Unknown 1400 1:30:30 58 Thulliez T 1 0.75 Marchand d'Or (FR) NOR Nvr far away on otsd, chal apprchng fnl f, ran on to ld nr finish
30/10/2005 Sai Turf GS G1 1600 1:45:40 57 Thulliez T 2 3.0 Carlotamix (FR) NOR Always close up, 3rd straight, led far side 200m out, kpt on one pc
15/10/2005 Clf Turf S Unknown 1400 0:00:00 58 Thulliez T 1 8.0 Thomamix (FR) NOR In tch, hdwy entrng str, sn ld & wnt clr, easily
21/09/2005 Mai Turf G Unknown 1600 1:41:30 54 Lemaire C 2 2.0 Beringoer (FR) NOR Trckd ldr, chal 200m out, not pc of wnr fnl stges, cmfrtbly hld 2nd
Date CRS Time Name WGT Type
Date CRS Time Name Jockey WGT Type