11 yrs. Bay H (2130 days since last race)

RAMONTI (FR) - Elegant Ridge (IRE) by Indian Ridge (IRE)

Sons of the Late King Abdulla bin A'Aziz

Century Bloodstock

Trainer: Badr Al Shaibani

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
28/03/2015 Mey Dirt F G1 1200 1:10:64 57 1 Lezcano J 13 18.25 Secret Circle (USA) 109 Nvr bttr thn mid-div
17/01/2015 Kar Dirt F Cond 1400 01:22:29 62 13 Ospina C 1 9.75 Savanna La Mar (USA) 115 Crossed fr wide draw & sn led, made rest, 4 length adv going strngly 400m out, rdn further clr in strght, easily
22/11/2014 Kar Dirt F Cond 1400 01:23:20 62 16 Ospina C 1 1.75 Extra Steps (IRE) 115 Prssd ldr on outer, led ov 600m out, rdn clr in strght, reduced adv twrds fin but always doing enough
21/06/2014 Asc Turf GF G1 1200 01:12:40 59 2 Hughes R 12 9.25 Slade Power (IRE) 113 Racd far side, wnt rt s & s.i.s., sn rcvrd & in midfield, rdn & effrt 400m out, unable to qckn & btn whn nt mch rm ov 200m out, wknd fnl 200m, 7th of 9 in grp
02/06/2014 Wnd Turf G Listed 1200 01:11:10 57 4 Hughes R 10 4 Rocky Ground (IRE) 113 Hld up in last quartet, swtchd lft & shkn up 200m out, styd on quite takingly but no ch
17/05/2014 Nbu Turf G G1 1600 01:36:90 57 7 Hughes R 8 22 Olympic Glory (IRE) 115 Led til ov 400m out, wknd wl ov 200m out
25/04/2014 San Turf S G2 1600 01:48:10 57.5 2 Hughes R 2 3.75 Tullius (IRE) 115 Hld up disputing 4th, prog 400m out to look a thrt jst ov 200m out, no answer to wnr's thrust but sn in 2nd & styd on
27/09/2013 Nmk Turf GF G2 1600 01:37:20 56.5 4 Hughes R 2 3.5 Soft Falling Rain (SAF) 115 Rcd in centre thrght, stdd strt, hld up in last pair, closed on but ent fnl 400m, chsd wnr ov 200m out, rdn ent fnl 200m, k.o. but no imp
07/09/2013 Hdo Turf GS G3 1600 01:43:30 57.5 2 Hughes R 5 5.25 Top Notch Tonto (IRE) 115 Rcd knly, hld up, pshd alng 600m out, effrt to chs ldrs ov 200m out, sn no imp, btn ins fnl 200m, fdd fnl 100m
02/08/2013 Gwo Turf G G3 1600 01:37:30 57 2 Hughes R 1 1.25 Tawhid (GB) 113 Stdd strt, hld up in tch in last trio, swtchd out & trckd rival just ov 200m out, rdn & qcknd to ld fnl 100m, pshd out, comf
11/07/2013 Nmk Turf GF Listed 1600 01:37:40 60 2 Hughes R 1 2 Ashdan (GB) 111 Led til hdd but still on bit wl ov 200m out, rdn to ld again 200m out & sn qcknd clr, pshd out ins fnl 200m, comf
19/06/2013 Asc Turf GF G3 1400 01:25:30 57.5 11 Hughes R 2 Hd Gale Force Ten (GB) 109 Hld up, hmprd & snatched up ov 400m out, swtchd lft and hdwy ent fnl 400m, sn rdn, ld nrrwly 150m, hdd & no ex fnl strd
30/05/2013 San Turf GS Listed 1600 01:44:80 56 5 Hughes R 1 3.75 Mango Diva (GB) 104 Mde all, upped the pce ov 400m out & had rest in trouble, stretched clr ov 200m out, styd on wl
13/05/2013 Wnd Turf G Listed 1700 01:42:60 52 4 O'Neill K 3 2.5 Guest of Honour (IRE) 104 Stdd strt, t.k.h. in last pair, prog ov 400m out, rdn ov 200m out, prssd runner up fnl 200m but effrt flattened out
13/10/2012 Nmk Turf GS G3 1600 01:37:80 57 8 Hughes R 2 0.75 Trading Leather (IRE) NOR Stdd strt, t.k.h., hld up in rr, hdwy into midfield 1000m out, slightly hmprd but squeezed through to chs ldrs ov 200m out, rdn to chal 200m out, drvn ins fnl 200m, no ex & btn twrds fin
19/09/2012 San Turf GF Novice 1400 01:31:00 58.5 4 Hughes R 1 Hd Baltic Knight (IRE) NOR Sn trckng ldrs in 3rd, trckd ldr wl ov 200m out, drvn & styd on wl thrght fnl 200m to ld closing stages
13/07/2012 Nbu Turf S Maid 1400 01:31:80 58.5 10 Hughes R 1 1.25 One Word More (IRE) NOR In tch, hdwy 400m out, trckd ldr ov 200m out, drvn to ld fnl 140m, readily
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Date CRS Time Name Jockey WGT Type