11 yrs. Ch G (2121 days since last race)

Magic Albert (AUS) - Lady Starstruck (AUS) by Mr Henrysee (USA)

Mr & Mrs Colin Lo Chor Cheong

Miss J Henderson

Trainer: David Hall

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
28/03/2015 Mey Turf G G1 1000 0:57:24 57 2 Moreira J 5 2.25 Sole Power (GB) 115 Chsd ldrs, r.o. sme pce fnl 400m
25/01/2015 Sha Turf GF G1 (HK) 1000 00:55:00 57 8 Moreira J 2 Ns Peniaphobia (IRE) NOR First into stride, not pshd & content to sit outside ldr before re-taking ld 400m out, battled strngly whn challenged fnl 200m, losing only in fnl strides
23/11/2014 Sha Turf GF G2 1200 01:08:08 56 8 Teetan K 10 4 Peniaphobia (IRE) NOR Hrd rdn to sit outside ldr to turn, rolled frwrd top of strght before turning one pcd fr 200m out
26/10/2014 Sha Turf GF G2 (HK) 1200 01:08:70 55 5 Prebble B 6 3.25 Aerovelocity (NZ) NOR Wnt frwrd as expected, trckd the pce 2-wide, r.o. sme pce whn drvn 400m out, caught up by pursuing rivals 250m out, fdd twrds line
01/10/2014 Sha Turf GF G3 (HK) 1000 00:55:00 51.5 3 Ho C 1 2 Peniaphobia (IRE) NOR Qckly into stride, settling half a length ins ldr about 3 away fr outer fence, edgd closer ent course proper, hit front 250m out, plld clr
14/09/2014 Sha Turf GF Hcp 1000 00:55:00 58 6 Moreira J 1 1.5 London China Town (IRE) NOR Qckly into stride, racing three wide ins ldr, took ov running passing 400m & k.o. wl under hard riding
22/06/2014 Sha Turf G Hcp 1000 00:55:00 52 5 Moreira J 2 Ns Peniaphobia (IRE) NOR Crowded for rm strt, prssd frwrd, switching out to obtain cover bhnd ldrs, reved up 400m, issued strng chal fr 200m out, jst failed
28/05/2014 Hv Turf GF Hcp 1200 01:09:39 52 1 Moreira J 1 2 Exciting Dream (GB) NOR Began wl fr ins barrier, led steadily to strght, established 2 length ld ent strght, k.o. strngly to line, nvr being challenged
30/04/2014 Hv Turf G Hcp 1400 01:09:97 52 10 Moreira J 7 2.25 Beauty Sparkle (AUS) NOR Drppd back to last fr wide draw, proved difficult to settle, blundered nr 750m out, waited w til 400m out, closed off wl whn drvn, nt mch rm late stages (Tactics questioned)
09/04/2014 Hv Turf GF Hcp 1000 00:56:00 52.5 9 Moreira J 3 1.5 My Name Is Bond (FR) NOR Sent forward, vied for the ld on outside setting strng pce, r.o. steadily fnl 300m, nt pce of wnr fnl 100m
12/03/2014 Hv Turf G Hcp 1000 00:57:00 59 11 Moreira J 1 1 Sight Believer (NZ) NOR Began fairly, prssd forward, tk ld 800m & crossed in sharply, Joined 600m, retook ld ent strght, k.o. strngly to line
04/12/2013 Hv Turf GF Hcp 1000 00:57:00 60 8 Hamanaka S 7 4.5 Fun 'N' Games (AUS) NOR Prssd frwrd btwn horses but tightened 550m out losing ground, shifted out 400m to obtain run but only one pcd
13/11/2013 Hv Turf G Hcp 1200 01:10:20 59.5 6 Prebble B 3 1.25 Atacx (IRE) NOR Jmpd to the front, eased, joined by another & then passed before turn, retook ld 400m out, still ahead 200m out, swamped fnl strides
03/11/2013 Sha Turf GF Hcp 1000 00:57:00 58.5 8 Whyte D 3 3.5 Access Years (AUS) NOR Allwd to settle bhnd ldng pack to course proper, swtchd in for clr running 400m out & r.o. steadily
16/10/2013 Sha Dirt G Hcp 1200 01:09:71 59 12 Whyte D 7 5.5 Green Zone (AUS) NOR Jmpd best & sn in ld. joined by two others whn drppd anchor around turn, gave ground sn aft ent straight
01/10/2013 Sha Turf GF Hcp 1000 00:56:00 59.5 7 Whyte D 2 Ns Ensemble (AUS) NOR Camped handy, looked travelled comf til 200m out, fought on wl but could not prove ex
05/06/2013 Hv Turf G Hcp 1000 00:56:00 56.5 9 Prebble B 2 1.5 Beauty Sparkle (AUS) NOR Speed to roll to ld 800m, rcd 1 off & hdd 550m out, rdn in pursuit 400m out, unable to cl, k.o. soundly
08/05/2013 Hv Turf GS Hcp 1000 00:58:00 53.5 7 Prebble B 1 1.25 Beauty Sparkle (AUS) NOR Took rail & shared ld easily, strngly benefited by the rain affected trck which favours front runners, made all without thrt
01/04/2013 Sha Turf G Hcp 1200 01:09:74 51.5 13 Leung K 2 Hd Bullish Friend (AUS) NOR Jmpd wl & worked way to ld before turn, kckd 350m out but swamped 50m out whn shifted out u.p.
10/03/2013 Sha Turf G Hcp 1000 00:56:00 57 13 Prebble B 1 0.75 Jade Christy (AUS) NOR Jmpd poorly, grad improved fr wl bhnd to be midfield onto course proper, cruised to ld 100m out, won easily
Date CRS Time Name WGT Type
Date CRS Time Name Jockey WGT Type