5 yrs. Ch H (28 days since last race)

Calin Du Loup (FR) - Clairvoyant (AE) by TAHAR DE CANDELON (FR)

Abdul Ghani Abdulla Abdul Ghani Al AbdulGhani

Arezki Goutal

Trainer: Helal Al Alawi

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
25/02/2017 Doh Turf G G1 2400 02:37:97 58 7 Cosgrave P 5 12 Ebraz (GB) Rr of mid-div, hmpd after 200m, hmpd 600m out, nvr rcvrd
12/02/2017 Abu Turf G G1 2200 02:24:81 57 5 Ffrench R 2 NK Loraa (FR) 120 Mid-div, k.o. wl fnl 300m, nrst fin
26/01/2017 Mey Dirt F G1 2200 02:30:00 57 5 Ffrench R 4 16 Faucon Du Loup (FR) 120 Alwys in rr, ran very wide 700m out
10/12/2016 Ala Dirt F Cond 1800 02:02:19 57 5 Ffrench R 1 2 Faucon Du Loup (FR) 106 Slwly awy, sn rdn in rr, wd 700m out, k.o. wl fnl 400m, ld 200m out
20/03/2016 Abu Turf G Pres 2200 02:27:69 57 7 Ffrench R 2 2 Mahbooba (FR) 105 S.i.s., mid-div, rdn to cl 800m out, vry wide 600m out, kpt on wl fnl 300m
06/03/2016 Abu Turf G G3 2400 02:42:24 56 4 Ffrench R 1 SH Mahbooba (FR) 95 Mid-div, chsd ldrs 600m out, drifted to near side rail 400m out, kpt on wl, led nr line
21/02/2016 Abu Turf G G3 2200 02:30:64 56 6 Crouch H 2 SH Mahbooba (FR) 85 Mid-div, chsd ldrs 600m out, very wide 500m out, kpt on wl fnl 300m, just failed
03/01/2016 Abu Turf S Listed 1600 01:53:82 55 9 Crouch H 1 0.5 Cloe De Faust (FR) NOR Mid-div, chsd ldrs 600m out, ev ch 400m out, drifted badly 300m out, led fnl 50m
20/12/2015 Abu Turf G Listed 1600 01:51:22 56 9 Crouch H 2 1.75 Rv Moulins Monarch (US) NOR Trckd ldrs, wd, ev ch 500m out, kpt on wl on stand side rail, nrst fin
Date CRS Time Name WGT Type
Date CRS Time Name Jockey WGT Type
25-Mar-17 MEY 16:15 Dubai Kahayla Classic Empowered By IPIC Cosgrave P 57.0 G1