6 yrs. Gr G (94 days since last race)

Manduro (GER) - Visorama (IRE) by Linamix (FR)

HH Aga Khan

Haras De Son Altesse L'Aga Khan SCEA

Trainer: Alain De Royer-Dupré

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
22/10/2017 Sai Turf GS G1 3100 03:25:40 59 5 Soumillon C 2 1.25 Ice Breeze (GB) hld up twrds rr, gd hdwy frm 500m out, drvn to chal ins fnl 200m, no ex and hld by wnr
30/09/2017 Cha Turf S G1 4100 04:34:60 58 2 Soumillon C 1 0.5 Mille Et Mille (GB) Rcd in rr, shkn up to cl on outer 400m frm hmerdn and styd on to ld 100m out
10/09/2017 Cha Turf S G3 3000 03:18:13 59 6 Soumillon C 1 0.75 Holdthasigreen (FR) Dwlt, hld up in mid-div, smth prog from 600m out, rdn to ld nrrwly over 200m out, r.o., easily
28/05/2017 Cha Turf F G2 3000 03:37:11 59 3 Soumillon C 1 Nk Sirius (GER) Keen, led, hdd 300m out, led again over 800m out, drvn 400m out, hdd 300m out, rallied to ld ent fnl 200m, styd on
25/03/2017 Mey Turf S G2 3200 03:22:52 57.5 3 Soumillon C 1 NK Beautiful Romance (GB) 117 Sttld rr, smth prog 800m out, rdn 500m out, r.o. wl to ld cl hme
23/02/2017 Mey Turf G G3 2810 02:58:44 57 4 Soumillon C 2 1.5 Beautiful Romance (GB) 117 Sttld rr, smth prog to trck ldrs 500m out, ev ch 300m out, one pce fnl 200m
23/10/2016 Sai Turf GS G1 3100 03:29:23 59 15 Soumillon C 1 1.75 Endless Time (IRE) Hld up in rr, drvn to chs leds 300m out, sn rdn and led appr fnl 200m, styd on wl, comf
01/10/2016 Cha Turf F G1 4100 04:23:57 58 11 Soumillon C 2 Nk Quest For More (IRE) In rr, stdy hdwy 600m out, led appr fnl 200m, styd on u.p., no ex
11/09/2016 Cha Turf F G3 3000 03:17:96 60 1 Soumillon C 1 Nk Nahual (FR) Rdn in rr, hdwy 500m out, styd on to ld 200m out, drvn fnl 200m, alwys a wnr
03/07/2016 Sai Turf F G1 2400 02:29:20 58 7 Soumillon C 7 2 Silverwave (FR) Mid-div, gd hdwy 500m out, k.o. one pce fnl 200m out
29/05/2016 Sai Turf GS G2 3100 03:35:96 58 2 Soumillon C 1 0.75 Fly With Me (FR) Hld up twrds rr, cl on outer 500m out, upsde ldr and shkn up 200m out, styd on to ld ins fnl 200m
26/03/2016 Mey Turf G G2 3200 03:19:56 55.5 1 Soumillon C 1 NK Big Orange (GB) 120 Brke awk, sttld rr, smooth prog 600m out, led 100m out, r.o. wl
25/10/2015 Sai Turf S G1 3100 03:27:61 55.5 2 Soumillon C 1 1 Siljan's Saga (FR) 120 Waited w twrds rr, hdwy ov 500m out, sustained run to lead fnl 100m, soon asserted, pair clr
03/10/2015 Lon Turf F G2 3000 03:09:36 58 5 Soumillon C 1 3 Tiberian (FR) 113 Sttld bhnd ldrs, momentarily off bridle 600m out, smth hdwy to lead appr 400m out, drvn clr fr ov 200m out, comf
06/09/2015 Lon Turf F G3 3000 03:12:35 55.5 2 Soumillon C 1 1.25 Big Blue (GB) 111 A little slow to stride, soon sttld in fnl pair, hdwy on outer wl ov 400m out, rdn 300m out, led appr fnl 200m, r.o. & asserted fnl 75m, won a shade cosily
04/08/2015 Dea Turf F Cond 2700 03:01:75 57 3 Soumillon C 1 0.75 Launched (IRE) NOR S.i.s., sttld twrds rr & patiently rdn, hdwy on outer ov 400m out, rdn & unable to qckn instantly, r.o. to lead ins fnl 50m, won a shade cosily
18/07/2015 Dpp Turf S Maid 3000 03:41:43 58 2 Bourgois Y 1 1.5 Marcel Debruxelles (FR) NOR Sttld in mid-div, rdn along & came twrds stands' side rail to chal, r.o. to ld ov 200m out, asserted fnl 100m
16/06/2015 Dpp Turf GS Maid 3000 03:20:26 58 8 Badel A 2 1.25 Ponte Fortune (FR) NOR No comment available
19/05/2015 Lon Turf F Maid 2200 02:29:86 58 8 Badel A 6 5.75 Clariden (GB) NOR No comment available
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Date CRS Time Name Jockey WGT Type