8 yrs. Ch H (1161 days since last race)

Galileo (IRE) - Pearling (USA) by Storm Cat (USA)

Saleh Al Homaizi & Imad Al Sagar

Saleh Al Homaizi & Imad Al Sagar

Trainer: Roger Charlton

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
25/03/2017 Mey Turf S G1 1800 01:50:20 57 4 Atzeni A 6 7 Vivlos (JPN) 114 Nvr nr to chal but r.o. sme pce fnl 400m
04/03/2017 Mey Turf G G1 1800 01:49:95 57 1 Atzeni A 1 NK Folkswood (GB) 113 Mid-div, n.m.r. 500m out, r.o. wl once clr, led cl hme
04/02/2017 Lin AW S Listed 2000 02:01:50 59.5 1 Atzeni A 1 Ns Arab Spring (IRE) 112 Chsd ldrs, effrt and qcknd to chal 200m out, led 100m out, r.o wl
14/07/2016 Leo Turf G G3 1800 01:55:93 61 9 Baker G 1 2 Portage (IRE) 109 Hld up in 6th pl til prog 400m out, rapid hdwy to press ldr in 2nd appr fnl 200m, sn led and qcknd clr, comf
03/06/2016 Eps Turf GS G3 1700 01:47:90 59.5 11 Atzeni A 2 Ns Tullius (IRE) 109 Dwlt, hld up in tch in last pair, effrt over 200m out, hdwy to chs ldng pair ov 200m out, styd on u.p. to chal 100m out, led twrds fin, hdd last stride
21/05/2016 Gwo Turf G Listed 2000 02:14:50 57 8 Atzeni A 1 0.5 Educate (GB) 107 Trckd ldrs, chal 400m out, sn rdn, led ent fnl 200m, kpt on wl, drifted rght twrds fin
27/04/2016 Asc Turf GS Listed 1600 01:41:90 57 7 Atzeni A 4 3.25 Gm Hopkins (GB) 107 Chsd ldrs, rdn and pressing ldr wl over 200m out, drvn and unable qckn ins fnl 200m, k.o. sme pce aft
10/10/2015 Nmk Turf G G3 1800 01:51:70 56.5 3 Atzeni A 4 3.25 Energia Davos (BRZ) 108 Hld up in tch, effrt over 400m out, no imp u.p over 200m out tl k.o. wl ins fnl 200m, nvr enough pce to chal
25/09/2015 Nmk Turf G G2 1600 01:35:80 57 3 Atzeni A 3 5.5 Time Test (GB) 97 Stdd s, t.k.h, hld up in last, effrt over 400m out, no imp over 200m out, no ch w ldng pair
29/07/2015 San Turf G 0-90 1600 01:42:60 60.5 6 Atzeni A 1 0.75 Pyjama Party (IRE) 85 Hld up in last pair, swift prog on outer to chse ldr wl over 200m out, rdn to cls fnl 200m, led lst 100m, pushed out, readily
03/07/2015 Hdo Turf GS Maid 1600 01:43:60 58.5 2 Lee G 1 1.25 Ella's Honour (GB) Hld up bhd ldrs, trcking front two whn nt clr run and swtchd rt 200m out, r.o. ins fnl 200m to ld fnl 100m, cosily
25/04/2015 Rip Turf G Maid 2000 02:05:90 59.5 1 Lee G 2 1.25 Salieris Mass (GB) Led narrowly, rdn over 200m out, hdd ins fnl 200m, one pce
11/09/2014 Don Turf G Maid 1600 01:37:70 59.5 14 Atzeni A 2 1 Commemorative (GB) In rr-div, hdwy over 400m out, chsng ldrs over 200m out, styd on ins fnl 200m
Date CRS Time Name WGT Type
Date CRS Time Name Jockey WGT Type