6 yrs. Bay M (84 days since last race)

KODIAC (GB) - Perfect Fun (GB) by Marju (IRE)

Apple Tree Stud

Mrs O M E McKeever

Trainer: Archie Watson

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
29/10/2017 Rom Turf G G1 2000 01:58:87 57.5 4 Morris L 3 7 Laganore (IRE) In tch midfield, trckd ldrs 800m out, rdn ov 600m out, wknd steadily from 300m out
29/09/2017 Dun AW F G3 2000 02:12:66 59.5 6 Lee W 2 2.25 War Decree (USA) Chsd ldrs in 5th, rdn into 3rd ov 200m out, k.o. into 2nd ins fnl 100m, nt trbl wnr
02/09/2017 Vel AW F G2 (Tur) 2000 02:04:56 58 4 Greatrex E 3 2.5 Leshlaa (USA) Sttld in 3rd early, went 2nd by hwy, pshd alng to chs ldr turning in, chal 400m out, alwys just held, not pce of front two late on
16/07/2017 Cur Turf G G2 1800 01:49:29 61 5 Morris L 6 13 Elizabeth Browning (IRE) Hld up in tch, niggled alng in 4th before hwy, rdn into straight and no ex 400m out, sn wknd
03/07/2017 Hmb Turf S G3 1600 01:45:82 58 8 Murphy O 3 2.25 Shy Witch (GER) Trckd ldrs, rdn 400m out, ev ch ins fnl 200m, no ex lst 100m
03/06/2017 Eps Turf G G3 1700 01:41:54 60 8 Smullen P 2 5 Laugh Aloud (GB) Chsd ldrs til went 2nd 1200m out, clsd to join ldr 600m out, rdn ov 400m out, unable to qckn w wnr ov 200m out, no ch w wnr but k.o. to win battle for 2nd ins fnl 200m
14/04/2017 Lin AW S Cond 2000 02:02:10 57 9 Morris L 2 1.75 Convey (GB) Hld up in tch in midfield, effrt wl over 200m out, styd on u.p to go 2nd wl ins fnl 200m, no thrt to wnr
01/04/2017 Kmp AW S Listed 2000 02:05:70 55 2 Morris L 1 Nk Linguistic (IRE) Trckd ldrs, shkn up 400m out, gap appeared on inner and chal jst ov 200m out, led last 150m, r.o. wl
25/02/2017 Lin AW S G3 2000 02:04:60 56 5 Murphy O 3 Nk Convey (GB) Trckd ldng pair, effrt to chal over 200m out, edgd rt 200m out, led ins fnl 200m, k.o. u.p. til hdd and no ex twrds fin
31/01/2017 Wol AW S 0-105 1700 01:55:30 61.5 1 McDonald P 2 0.5 Carolinae (GB) Reluctant to start and gave many lnths away, latched on to the rr of the field 1400m out, hdwy ov 200m out, rdn and r.o. wl ins fnl 200m, went 2nd nr fin
18/01/2017 Kmp AW S 0-95 1600 01:39:80 60.5 4 McDonald P 1 1.5 Bint Dandy (IRE) Hld up in 7th, full of running on heels of ldrs over 200m out, shkn up and smth prog ent fnl 200m, sn rdn adn led wl ins fnl 200m, qcknd clr, easily
06/01/2017 Wol AW S 0-80 FM 1900 01:58:80 61 2 McDonald P 1 2 Heartstone (IRE) Hld up in tch in midfield, clsd and travelling strly whn nt clr run jst ov 200m out, switched rt jst ins fnl 200m, nudged alng and sn qcknd to ld adn in command, very easily
09/12/2016 Ncs AW S 0-75 1600 01:39:30 59.5 11 McDonald P 2 Hd Testa Rossa (IRE) Hld up in tch, smooth hdwy to ld wl over 200m out, rdn and hdd but clr of rest ins fnl 200m, hld cl hme
05/08/2016 Kkr Dirt F Cond FM 1650 01:41:97 56 5 Almussau A 11 49 Amazing Speed (IRE) No Comment Available
15/07/2016 Kkr Dirt F Cond FM 1650 01:42:75 58 14 Altoairsh R 10 29.25 Amazing Speed (IRE) No Comment Available
01/04/2016 Kar Dirt F Cond FM 1400 01:23:99 56 8 Altoairsh R 6 10.5 Red Velour (GB) No Comment Available
27/02/2016 Kar Dirt F Cond FM 2000 02:04:70 56 4 Campos J 14 Ns Zipp (IRE) No Comment Available
06/02/2016 Kar Dirt F Cond FM 2000 02:03:81 56 2 Aldaham M 9 Ns Red Velour (GB) No Comment Available
16/01/2016 Kar Dirt F Cond FM 1600 01:37:24 56 16 Aldaham M 8 Ns Water Queen (GB) No Comment Available
01/01/2016 Kar Dirt F Cond FM 1600 01:37:55 56.5 2 Al Audeeb A 10 16.75 Lady Sparkler (IRE) No Comment Available
14/06/2015 Cha Turf F G1 2100 02:05:69 57 12 Auge J 13 5.75 Star of Seville (GB) Restrained and hld up in rr, nt clr run early in straight, rdn ov 200m out, plugged on but nvr on terms
25/04/2015 Tou Turf F Listed 2100 02:10:93 56 7 Auge J 4 6.75 Mojo Risin (IRE) Slwly awy, in rr, drvn 500m out but no real imp, rdn 300m out, k.o at sme pce fnl 200m, nt pce to get on contention
06/04/2015 Lon Turf S Listed 1800 01:58:89 56 5 Jarnet T 7 8.5 Akatea (IRE) T.k.h., hld up bhnd ldr, virtually upsides 300m out, sn drvn adn nt qckn, wknd ins fnl 200m
25/11/2014 Cha AW F 2yo 1900 02:01:67 55.5 1 Badel A 1 Hd La Reveuse (IRE) Chsd ldrs, qcknd to chal ldr 200m out, r.o. ins fnl 200m, led cl hme
11/10/2014 Mpv AW F 2yo 1500 01:30:96 56.5 5 Badel A 2 0.5 Lady Commandement (FR) No Comment Available
16/09/2014 Mai Turf F Maid 1400 01:32:93 57 6 Badel A 5 7 Vista (FR) No Comment Available
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