7 yrs. Bay G (19 days since last race)

Sea The Stars (IRE) - Victoria Cross (IRE) by Mark Of Esteem (IRE)

Ramadhan Stable

Hascombe and Valiant Studs

Trainer: Jaber Ramadhan

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
02/01/2020 Mey Turf G List Hcp 2410 2:31:36 54.5 11 Graberg P 7 5 Universal Order (GB) 97 Nvr nr to chal
07/07/2018 Hdo Turf GF 4yo+ 2400 02:27.30 60 12 O'Neill D 15 16.75 Rainbow Rebel (IRE) 101 Wnt rt strt, towards rr of midfield, rdn over 600m out, nvr any imp, wknd over 200m out
02/06/2018 Eps Turf G 0-105 2400 02:35.50 58.5 17 Moore R 3 7.75 Dash of Spice (GB) 100 Hld up in tch in last quintet, rdn and hdwy jst over 400m out, styd on 200m out, k.o. ins fnl 200m, no ch w wnr
26/05/2018 Yor Turf G 0-95 2400 02:31.60 61 2 Makin P 2 Nk Manjaam (IRE) 97 Trckd ldng pair, cl up 600m out, led 400m out, rdn jst over 200m out, drvn wl ins fnl 200m, hdd and no ex
06/05/2018 Nmk Turf GF 0-105 2400 02:30.50 61 1 Marquand T 8 5 Grey Britain (GB) 99 Hld up wl in tch in midfield, effrt and hdwy over 400m out, ev ch u.p. 400m out, sn outpcd and btn 200m out, k.o. sme pce aftr
25/03/2018 Don Turf S 4yo+ 2400 02:44.90 58.5 4 Moore R 2 5 Saigon City (GB) 100 Chsd ldr, led after 200m, pushed along over 600m out, rdn and hdd wl over 400m out, nvr dang
01/03/2018 Mey Turf G 95-105 2000 2:03:19 58 7 Crowley J 6 5.75 Kidmenever (IRE) 101 Sttld rr, r.o. fnl 400m but nvr abl to chal
15/02/2018 Mey Turf G 95+ 2435 2:31:40 55.5 3 Levey S 5 12.75 Best Solution (IRE) 104 Trckd ldr, rdn 600m out, wknd fnl 400m
28/10/2017 Nbu Turf S G3 2400 02:40.60 59 8 Durcan T 7 6.75 Best Solution (IRE) 105 Stdd s and dropped in bhd, hld up in tch in last quartet, nt clr run 400m out, switched rt and efft ov 200m out, styd on sme pce ins fnl 200m, nvr trbld ldrs
23/09/2017 Nbu Turf G G3 2200 02:17.90 58.5 10 Moore R 7 4 Desert Encounter (IRE) 107 Trckd ldrs, rdn w ch whn squeezed out and lost pl jst over 400m out, nt pce to get back on terms
16/09/2017 Che Turf H Listed 2500 02:53.40 58.5 3 Durcan T 2 0.5 Duretto (GB) 110 Hld up, effrt 400m out, carried hd to one side whn u.p over 200m out, styd on to take 2nd wl ins fnl 200m, nt pce of wnr, clsd nr fin
26/08/2017 Wnd Turf GF Listed 2300 02:26.40 58.5 7 Durcan T 8 8 Second Step (IRE) 113 Stdd s, hld up in tch in rr, hdwy on inner over 800m out, nt clr run and nvr looked like getting a run fr 400m out, bhnd ins fnl 200m
24/06/2017 Asc Turf GF G2 2400 02:28.90 57.5 9 Peslier O 8 9.25 Idaho (IRE) 113 Stdd s, t.k.h, hld up in last quartet, effrt whn bmpd and pushed lft ov 400m out, no imp ov 200m out, wl hld and edged rt ins fnl 200m
20/05/2017 Nbu Turf S G3 2400 02:42.70 57 3 Dettori L 5 12.5 Hawkbill (USA) 113 T.k.h, trckd ldrs, rdn over 400m out, nvr threatened wnr, wknd fnl 200m
17/08/2016 Yor Turf GF G2 2400 02:29.40 58.5 5 Dettori L 3 3.5 Idaho (IRE) 111 Trckd ldrs, t.k.h, effrt 600m out, hung lft and chsd ldr briefly ov 200m out, k.o. sme pce
17/06/2016 Asc Turf GS G2 2400 02:35.10 57 4 Dettori L 1 1.25 Beacon Rock (IRE) 103 Trckd ldrs, effrt over 400m out, carried lft and led narrowly ov 200m out, r.o. and in command cl hme
04/06/2016 Eps Turf GS G1 2400 02:40.00 57 6 Fallon K 10 18.75 Harzand (IRE) 103 In tch in midfield, nt handle downhill run and lost pl 800m out, 10th straight, plenty to do and switched rt 400m out, no ch but plugged on to pass btn horses ins fnl 200m
07/05/2016 Lin Turf G Listed 2300 02:28.20 57 4 De Sousa S 3 1.5 Humphrey Bogart (IRE) 84 T.k.h, hld up in tch in 4th, effrt 400m out, clsd u.p and chsng ldrs 200m out, trying to switch rt and bmpd jst ins fnl 200m, not clrst of runs wl ins fnl 200m
06/04/2016 Lin AW S Maid 2400 02:34.10 59.5 4 Moore R 1 2 Second Serve (IRE) T.k.h, hld up in 3rd tl hdwy to press ldr over 1600m out, led 1400m out prssd and rdn 400m out, asserted under hands and heels riding 200m out, styd on
13/11/2015 Wol AW S Maid 1700 01:48.70 59.5 8 Gibbons G 2 3.5 Daily Bulletin (USA) Sn chsng wnr, rdn over 200m out, styd on same pce fnl 200m
07/10/2015 Ntt Turf S Maid 1700 01:52.10 59.5 2 Moore R 2 3.25 Mengli Khan (IRE) Trckd ldrs, hdwy 600m out, rdn wl over 200m out, chsd wnr ins fnl 200m, no imp
Date CRS Time Name WGT Type
23-Jan-20 MEY 18:30 P & O Marinas 54.5 95-108
Date CRS Time Name Jockey WGT Type
23-Jan-20 MEY 18:30 P & O Marinas Graberg P 54.5 95-108