6 yrs. Bay H (565 days since last race)

Sea The Stars (IRE) - Strawberry Fledge (USA) by Kingmambo (USA)


Peter Anastasiou

Trainer: Andre Fabre

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
31/03/2018 Mey Turf G G1 2410 2:29:45 57 6 Barzalona M 3 3.25 Hawkbill (USA) 125 Trckd ldr, kn, ev ch 500m out, r.o. fnl 400m
06/03/2018 Cha AW F Cond 1900 01:55:95 60 6 Barzalona M 2 1.75 Talismanic (GB) Sttld in 3rd, t.k.h. early, hdwy 400m out, rdn to chs ldrs ov 200m out, styd on fnl 200m but unable to get to wnr
01/10/2017 Cha Turf S G1 2400 02:28:69 59.5 3 Barzalona M 2 2.5 Enable (GB) Sttld mid-div, good hdwy ov 300m out, drvn and stayed on to go 2nd 100m from home, no ch w wnr
10/09/2017 Cha Turf S G2 2400 02:35:86 58 5 Barzalona M 2 1.5 Dschingis Secret (GER) Hld up twrds rr, steady hdwy from 400m out, rdn 300m out, nt clr rn 200m out, styd on fnl 200m, went 2nd closing stages, no ch w wnr
01/05/2017 Sai Turf GS G1 2100 02:11:70 58 3 Barzalona M 1 Nk Zarak (FR) Alwys close up on inner, drvn to ld ins fnl 300m, rdn and r.o. fnl 200m, alwys holding runner-up
09/04/2017 Cha Turf F G2 2000 01:58:77 57 10 Barzalona M 1 Nk Mekhtaal (GB) Racd keenly, hld up final quartet, drvn and hdwy on outer with 300m to run, went 3 lenths 3rd ent fnl 200m, r.o. to ld cls hme
19/03/2017 Sai Turf S G3 2000 02:07:05 59 3 Barzalona M 1 1.25 Star Victory (FR) Waited w in fnl trio, angled out and smth prog 400m out, led und 300m out, pshd out fnl 200m, cosily
14/07/2016 Sai Turf GS G1 2400 02:29:56 58 1 Boudot P 3 1.5 Mont Ormel (FR) Waited w in share of 5th on inner, smth hdwy and n.m.r. 400m out, sn chsng ldrs, styd on u.p. fnl 200m, run flattened out fnl 100m
04/06/2016 Eps Turf GS G1 2400 02:40:00 57 14 Barzalona M 8 15.75 Harzand (IRE) 109 T.k.h, chsd ldr, 2nd st, rdn to ld over 400m out, sn hdd and outpcd, wknd u.p. ov 200m out
08/05/2016 Sai Turf F G2 2000 02:03:70 58 5 Barzalona M 1 2.5 Robin of Navan (FR) Sttld in fnl pair, rdn 400m out, clsd fr ov 300m out, found stride u.p. appr 200m, r.o. to ld 100m out, drvn clr
03/04/2016 Sai Turf H G3 2000 02:17:91 58 4 Barzalona M 1 1.25 Viserano (FR) T.k.h., hld up in rr, good hdwy 400m out, 2 lengths 2nd and scrubbed along 300m out, styd on to ld ent fnl 200m, asserted fnl 100m
01/11/2015 Sai Turf S G1 2000 02:15:46 57 8 Barzalona M 2 2.5 Robin of Navan (FR) Sn led, set decent tempo, rdn and brought field stands' sde turning for home 500m out, kicked 3 lengths clr 400m otu, styd on strngly fnl 200m, comf
05/10/2015 Cha Turf GS G3 1800 01:52:14 57.5 4 Barzalona M 3 3.5 Robin of Navan (FR) T.k.h., hld up in rr, still last 500m out, styd on u.p. to go 2nd ov 200m out, k.o. fnl 200m, no ch w wnr
09/09/2015 Lon Turf F G3 1600 01:41:16 58 2 Barzalona M 1 1.75 Vedevani (FR) Chsd ldr, shaken up to ld ins fnl 200m, r.o., readily
22/08/2015 Dea Turf S Maid 1600 01:45:78 58 1 Barzalona M 1 0.75 Atlantide (IRE) Sn chsng ldr on inner, led appr hfwy, shaken up and qcknd ov 300m out, r.o. und hands and heels fnl 200m, alwys holding runner-up, readily
Date CRS Time Name WGT Type
Date CRS Time Name Jockey WGT Type