7 yrs. Gr G (570 days since last race)

Mount Nelson (GB) - Bruxcalina (FR) by Linamix (FR)

Tony Bloom

Newsells Park Stud

Trainer: Dean Ivory

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
31/03/2018 Mey Turf G G1 1200 01:09:37 57 3 Winston R 9 8 Jungle Cat (IRE) 119 Nvr bttr than mid-div
21/10/2017 Asc Turf S G1 1200 01:16:70 58 3 Winston R 1 1.25 Tasleet (GB) 112 Hld up disputing 8th, smooth prog 400m out, delivered to ld 150m, edged rt but k.o. stoutly u.p.
19/08/2017 Nbu Turf S G2 1400 01:25:80 60 5 Winston R 2 1.75 Massaat (IRE) 112 Hld up, hdwy 400m out, w.w bhd ldrs, nt beat of runs whn pushed through ent fnl 200m, r.o. to chs wnr fnl 150m but alwys being hld
01/08/2017 Gwo Turf G G2 1400 01:26:60 58.5 14 Winston R 9 3.5 Breton Rock (IRE) 113 Stdd and swtchd rt after s, nt clr run 400m out, enough room and clsd ov 200m out, efft when squeezed for rm and hampered jst ins fnl 200m, nvr threatening aft, hampered again and eased wl ins fnl 200m
24/06/2017 Asc Turf GF G1 1200 01:12:00 58.5 10 Winston R 4 2.25 The Tin Man (GB) 113 Stdd strt, hld up in midfield, nt clr run ov 400m out and ov 200m out when bumped, sn swithced lft, r.o. ins fnl 200m, finishd wl
15/10/2016 Asc Turf G G1 1200 01:12:10 58 6 Winston R 6 3 The Tin Man (GB) 113 Racd towards nr side, hld up in last trio, rdn 400m out, styd on fr ov 200m out, nrst fin but no dang
01/10/2016 Asc Turf S Hert Hcp 1400 01:28:30 61 16 Winston R 1 0.5 Firmament (GB) 108 Hld up towards rr, gng easily but nowhere to go fr 400m out tl last 150m, tremendous burst when in the clr and stormed to ld fnl strides
19/08/2016 Yor Turf G G3 1400 01:22:10 57 11 Winston R 4 3.5 Nemoralia 107 Hld up in rr, hdwy over 400m out, rdn over 200m out, kpt on wl u.p fnl 200m
23/07/2016 Asc Turf GF Hert Hcp 1400 01:25:70 57.5 14 Winston R 1 1.5 Squats (IRE) 100 Hld up last of centre gp, stdy prog over 400m out gng easily, rdn to ld ins fnl 200m, hdd and outpcd ins fnl 200m, styd on
15/06/2016 Asc Turf S Hert Hcp 1600 01:43:00 56 26 Winston R 2 1.25 Portage (IRE) 97 Racd in centre tl gps merged 600m out, hld up towards rr, hdwy and hung rt ov 200m out, strng chal 200m out, no ex and outpcd by wnr fnl 100m
09/04/2016 Wol AW S 0-95 1700 01:46:00 59 3 Winston R 1 1 Capo Rosso (IRE) 92 Hld up, swtchd rt and hdwy over 200m out, hung lft and r.o to ld wl ins fnl 200m
10/10/2015 Yor Turf GS 0-100 1800 01:52:80 55.5 6 Lee G 13 Hd Arthenus (GB) 85 In tch, hdwy to trck ldrs over 400m out, nt clr run and swtchd rt ov 200m out, rdn to ld ent fnl 200m, drvn and bumped last 100m, edged lft and k.o., finished 2nd, disqualified - banned substance in sample
21/09/2015 Kmp AW S 0-85 1600 01:41:20 60 2 Doyle J 1 Nk Commodore (IRE) 85 Dwlt, in tch in rr, rdn and hdwy between rivals 400m out, str chal 200m out, led and edged lft u.p. wl ins fnl 200mm, r.o.
18/07/2015 Che Turf G 0-95 2100 02:11:20 56 8 Spencer J 5 4.75 Racing History (IRE) 86 Hld up, rdn and hdwy over 200m out, edgd lft ins fnl f, styd on sme pce
28/06/2015 Wnd Turf G 0-90 2000 02:08:90 59.5 7 Hughes R 6 17.75 Argus (IRE) 86 T.k.h, hld up in last, quick prog to press ldrs 600m out, wknd 400m out, eased fnl 200m, finished 6th, disqualified - banned subsance in sample
20/03/2015 Lin AW S Maid 2000 02:04:20 59.5 2 Kelly S 1 2.25 Baylay Mde virtually all, pushed along to assert over 400m out and rn green, cont to run green and wandered fnl 200m, styd on wl
25/02/2015 Kmp AW S Maid 1600 01:40:20 55 8 Moore R 2 Hd Townsville (GB) Trckd ldr, led 400m out, rn green in front and hanging, hdd 200m out, rallied nr fin, jst hld
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Date CRS Time Name Jockey WGT Type