4 yrs. Bay G (205 days since last race)

DUBAWI (IRE) - Giants Play (USA) by Giant's Causeway (USA)


Newsells Park Stud

Trainer: Charlie Appleby

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
30/03/2019 Mey Turf G G2 3200 03:19.00 55 6 Doyle B 2 1.25 Cross Counter (GB) 113 Mid-div, smth prog 800m out, led 700m out, r.o. wl but hdd 100m out
28/02/2019 Mey Turf G G3 2810 02:55.96 55 1 Barzalona M 1 10.5 Red Galileo (GB) 109 Sttld rr, smth prog 500m out, led 300m out, easily
17/01/2019 Mey Turf G 95+ 2810 02:57.14 57.5 4 Doyle J 1 1.25 Suspicious Mind (DEN) 105 Sttld rr, smth prog 500m out, led 400m out, r.o. wl, comf
03/01/2019 Mey Turf G 95+ 2410 02:32.41 57.5 2 Doyle J 2 1.5 Bin Battuta (GB) 105 S.i.s., mid-div, chsd ldrs and ev ch 400m out, r.o. fnl 300m
27/05/2018 Lon Turf GS G3 2400 02:32.55 58 7 Doyle J 4 4 Neufbosc (FR) Cls up, shkn up to ld ov 400m out, sn u.p. and hdd ov 200m out, no ex and dropped awy fnl 200m
09/05/2018 Che Turf G G3 2500 02:39.50 57 3 Buick W 4 4 Young Rascal (FR) 106 Trckd ldrs, rdn over 200m out, chalng ins fnl 200m but struggling to qckn when slightly short of room, k.o. sme pce aft
27/04/2018 San Turf GS G3 2000 02:14.10 57.5 8 Buick W 2 Ns Sevenna Star (IRE) Led 400m, trckd ldr, chal over 400m out, narrow ld over 200m out, hrd rdn fnl 200m, hdd lst strides
29/11/2017 Kmp AW S Maid 2000 02:05.20 59.5 12 Buick W 1 2 Glencadam Master (GB) Sn trckd ldr, jinked sltly bnd over 1200m out, chal and upsides fr 600m out til led 200m out, asserted lst 150m
01/11/2017 Ntt Turf G Maid 1700 01:45.90 57 4 Doyle J 4 3.75 Come On Tier (FR) Rrd st and slowly away, rr, hdwy on outer 600m out, rdn along wl ov 200m out, styd on wl fnl 200m
Date CRS Time Name WGT Type
Date CRS Time Name Jockey WGT Type