6 yrs. Bay G (320 days since last race)

RIO DE LA PLATA (USA) - Dissitation (IRE) by Spectrum (IRE)

McGettigans Management JLT, Maurice Casey

SCEA Haras Du Ma & A Bietola - Menard

Trainer: David Marnane

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
16/01/2020 Mey Turf G 90+ 1600 01:35.54 55 7 Dobbs P 15 7.75 Suedois (FR) 98 S.i.s., nvr nr to chal
20/12/2019 Dun AW F Hcp 1400 01:24.06 60 7 Lee W 8 8.75 Yuften (GB) 99 Hld u, prog ovr 200m out, k.o. sme pce, nvr on
19/06/2019 Asc Turf S Hcp 1600 01:42.30 59.5 7 Lee W 27 18.75 Afaak (GB) 105 Racd centre to far side, chsd gp ldr and wl in tch tl over 400m out
06/06/2019 Leo Turf G Hert Hcp 1600 01:41.80 61 9 Lee W 4 5.25 Flight Risk (IRE) 105 Dwelt & detached in rr ealy, tk closer, still in rr aft hwy, hdd 200m out, n.m.r., rdn 200m out, imp ins fnl 200m
19/05/2019 Naa Turf G Listed 1400 01:28.20 62 6 Lee W 8 9 Surrounding (IRE) 106 Kn, pshd 400m out, no imp on ldrs, easd cls hme
17/01/2019 Mey Turf G 95+ 1600 01:36.84 60 3 Lee W 8 6.25 Desert Fire (IRE) 107 Nvr bttr than mid-div
03/01/2019 Mey Turf G G3 1800 01:49.40 57 12 Dobbs P 14 18 Dream Castle (GB) 107 Nvr bttr than mid-div
20/06/2018 Asc Turf GF Hert Hcp 1600 01:39.40 57.5 22 Lee W 1 2.25 Afaak (GB) 99 Racd stands' side gp, midfield, hdwy over 400m out, led over 200m out, ran strngly ins fnl 200m, in command fnl 100m
13/05/2018 Leo Turf G Hcp 1400 01:28.04 62 8 O'Connor D 4 3 Zorion (GB) 99 Dwlt and sttld twrds rr, gng wl in 14th appr straight, prog und 400m out and nt clr rn briefly, r.o. wl ins fnl 200m into nvr threatening 4th cl hme
26/01/2018 Dun AW F Hcp 1600 01:38.23 60.5 1 O'Connor D 1 1.75 Red Avenger 91 Dwlt slightly, chsd ldrs, hdwy gng wl 400m out into 2nd 300m out, rdn to ld 200m out and styd on wl to asert closing stages, comf
22/12/2017 Dun AW S Cond 1600 01:38.55 61 12 O'Connor D 1 3.25 Ishebayorgrey (IRE) 79 Chsd ldrs, closer in 4th hwy, rdn on terms und 400m out and improved to ld nr side ov 200m out, wandered slightly ins fnl 200m, styd on strngly to assert closing stages
17/11/2017 Dun AW S Cond 1600 01:38.04 57 10 O'Connor D 1 2 Honor Oak (IRE) 75 Sn chsd ldrs, 4th hwy, gng wl into straight, rdn bhnd ldrs nr side ov 200m out and r.o. wl to ld ins fnl 200m, comf
01/11/2017 Dun AW F Hcp 1600 01:37.38 60 12 O'Connor D 1 Ns Cloudy Miss (IRE) 76 Sttld twrds rr, tk closer order to chs ldrs appr fnl 200m, went 2nd ins fnl 200m, prssd ldr closing stages where carried slightly rt, k.o. wl to ld on line
13/10/2017 Dun AW F Hcp 1400 01:25.82 61 12 Davis S 5 1.75 Vincita (IRE) 76 Rcd in mid-div, rdn und 400m out, prog into 6th ent fnl 200m, k.o. wl , nvr on terms
20/09/2017 Fai Turf S Hcp 1200 01:20.86 61 3 Breslin A 15 25 Bubbly Bellini (IRE) 76 Chsd ldrs, n.m.r. btwn horses before hwy where slightly impeded, 5th at hwy, pshd alng ov 400m out and sn wknd
10/05/2017 Dun AW F Hcp 1400 01:25.68 60 5 Foley S 6 99.75 Jon Ess (IRE) 76 Hld up in 5th, pshd alng 600m out, dropped to rr ov 400m out and sn eased, p.u. fnl 200m, lost action
08/04/2017 Leo Turf S Hcp 1400 01:30.37 54.5 4 Foley S 1 Nk Gino Severini (IRE) 69 Dwlt and in rr early til sn improved to chs ldrs, disputed 5th hwy, switched and hdwy in 5th ov 200m out to chal in 2nd wl ins fnl 200m, k.o. wl to ld fnl strides where edged slightly lft
21/09/2016 Naa Turf S Maid 1000 01:02.10 59.5 7 Smullen P 6 7.25 Courage Under Fire Dwlt, sn chsd ldrs and hung rt for most, rdn bhnd ldrs nr side 300m out and sn no ex u.p. in 5th, one pce in 6th wl ins fnl 200m
15/08/2016 Rcm Turf G 2yo 1400 01:28.22 57.5 6 Smullen P 6 12.75 Sweet Sounds (IRE) Hld up, some prog on outer ov 400m out, went 4th 200m out, sn no ex and dropped to 6th on line
21/07/2016 Leo Turf G Maid 1600 01:44.60 59.5 3 Smullen P 5 8.75 Douglas Macarthur (IRE) Chd ldrs in 4th, tk closer order und 600m out, prssd for 2nd 400m out, no ex in 3rd ins fnl 200m, dropped to 5th cl hme
Date CRS Time Name WGT Type
Date CRS Time Name Jockey WGT Type