5 yrs. Ch G (203 days since last race)

DUBAWI (IRE) - Anna Palariva (IRE) by Caerleon (USA)

H M The Queen


Trainer: William Haggas

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
31/01/2019 Mey Turf G 95-105 1600 01:36.67 59 1 Moore R 8 6.75 Escalator (GB) 103 Alwys mid-div
03/01/2019 Mey Turf G 95+ 1400 01:23.48 54.5 8 Hayes C 4 5.25 Another Batt (IRE) 103 Nvr nr to chal but r.o. wl fnl 300m
29/09/2018 Nmk Turf GF Hert Hcp 1800 01:48.00 60.5 27 Tudhope D 22 28.75 Wissahickon 104 Racd stands' side, stdd s, t.k.h, hld up in rr, swtchd rt and effrt 400m out, no imp and sn wl btn, eased ins fnl 200m
25/08/2018 Yor Turf GF G3 1800 01:48.00 59.5 6 Buick W 6 4.75 Lord Glitters (FR) 104 In tch, hdwy 600m out, sn chsng ldrs, rdn wl over 200m out, sn one pce
03/08/2018 Gwo Turf GF Hcp 1600 01:36.60 58 3 Moore R 1 0.5 Poet's Society (GB) 98 Hld up in tch in midfield, nt clr run over 200m out, swtchd lft and hdwy ent fnl 200m, strng run to ld ins fnl 200m, r.o. wl and in command cl hme
20/06/2018 Asc Turf GF Hert Hcp 1600 01:39.40 56 30 Doyle J 8 3.75 Settle for Bay (FR) 96 Racd stands' side gp, hld up, hdwy over 400m out, chsd ldr and tried to chal ov 200m out, styd on u.p. ins fnl 200m, one pce fnl 100m
13/06/2018 Chd AW S 0-105 1600 01:36.50 56 10 Moore R 1 1 Via Serendipity (GB) 91 Hld up in tch in midfield, clsd over 400m out, swtchd lft and hdwy to chs ldrs ov 200m out, drvn to ld ins fnl 200m, r.o. wl
03/05/2018 Chd AW S 0-95 1600 01:37.20 58 1 Doyle J 1 Ns Mythical Madness (GB) 89 T.k.h, hld up wl in tch in rr, nt clr run over 400m out, effrt on inner ov 200m out, drvn and ev ch ins fnl 200m, r.o. to ld on post
29/11/2017 Wol AW S 0-105 1900 01:58.70 56.5 4 Crowley J 8 3.25 Pactolus (IRE) 90 Plld hrd and prom, nt clr run wl over 200m out, ev ch 200m out, no ex ins fnl 200m
06/11/2017 Kmp AW S Hcp 2200 02:20.20 61 7 Crowley J 3 1.25 Ply (GB) 90 T.k.h, hld up in last tl rapid prog to ld over 1200m out, kicked clr ov 400m out, k.o. aft but hdd and outpcd last 100m
11/10/2017 Kmp AW S 0-85 2200 02:18.30 58 5 Doyle J 1 Ns Ennjaaz (IRE) 85 Hld up in midfield, sltly impeded after 400m, lost pl 800m out and twrds rr 600m out, good prog on inner ov 400m out, dashed to ld wl ov 200m but then hung lft, drvn and hard pressed fnl 200m, joined nr fin, won on the nod
14/08/2017 Wnd Turf GF 0-90 2000 02:08.70 56.5 8 Cosgrave P 3 Nk Don't Give Up (GB) 82 Stdd s, hld up in last, prog and squeezed through rivals to take 3rd fnl 200m, rdn and closed on ldng pair lst 100m, jst too late
05/07/2017 Bat Turf F 0-90 1600 01:37.40 60.5 5 Cosgrave P 5 7 I'vegotthepower (IRE) 85 Stdd s, plld hrd in last pair, rdn to chse ldrs 400m out, k.o. sme pce fnl 200m
06/05/2017 Nmk Turf GF 0-105 1600 01:37.60 54 10 Jones L 7 9.5 Ronald R (IRE) 88 Stdd s, t.k.h, hld up in tch in rr, effrt 400m out, sme hdwy over 200m out but nvr getting on terms w ldrs, wknd ins fnl 200m
20/08/2016 San Turf GS G3 1400 01:30.80 57.5 12 Harley M 10 9.5 South Seas (IRE) Awkward s, hld up in last trio, rdn and tried to make prog over 400m out, no hdwy ov 200m out, wknd
05/08/2016 Nmk Turf GF Maid 1400 01:27.70 59.5 6 Cosgrave P 1 0.5 Zefferino (GB) S.i.s, sn prom, shkn up to ld 200m out, r.o wl
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Date CRS Time Name Jockey WGT Type