4 yrs. Bay C (143 days since last race)

DUBAWI (IRE) - Indian Petal (GB) by SINGSPIEL (IRE)



Trainer: Charlie Appleby

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
30/03/2019 Mey Turf G G1 2410 02:27.17 56.5 2 Buick W 1 1.5 Cheval Grand (JPN) 117 Mid-div, smth prog 800m out, n.m.r. 600m out, rdn to ld 300m out, r.o. wl
09/03/2019 Mey Turf G G2 2410 02:32.68 56 2 Buick W 1 SH Racing History (IRE) 117 Trckd ldrs, n.m.r. 600m out, r.o. wl fnl 300m, led cl hme
15/09/2018 Don Turf G G1 2900 03:03.30 57.5 12 Buick W 5 10.75 Kew Gardens (IRE) 117 Trckd ldrs, hdwy to take slght ld 600m out, rdn and hdd 400m out, sn drvn and wknd
22/08/2018 Yor Turf GF G2 2400 02:28.30 58.5 7 Doyle J 1 Hd Cross Counter (GB) 110 Trckd ldr, hdwy and cl up 800m out, led 600m out, rdn along wl over 200m out, drvn and k.o. gamely
30/06/2018 Cur Turf G G1 2400 02:32.62 57 6 Buick W 6 4.25 Latrobe (IRE) 111 Mid-div, pushed along 600m out, k.o. sme pce, wknd
22/06/2018 Asc Turf GF G2 2400 02:29.90 57 9 Buick W 1 1.75 Rostropovich (IRE) 105 Chsd ldrs on outer tl clsd to press ldr 2000m out, effrt over 400m out, rdn to ld 400m out, r.o. strngly
19/05/2018 Nmk Turf GF Listed 2000 02:05.20 58.5 1 Buick W 1 0.5 Court House (IRE) 105 Pressed ldr tl led over 400m out, rdn wl over 200m out, edgd lft u.p. 200m out, styd on wl
05/05/2018 Nmk Turf G Listed 2000 02:05.30 57 3 Doyle J 2 1.25 Key Victory (IRE) 101 Racd in centre quartet, trckd ldrs, clsd and ev ch 600m out, drvn over 200m out, led jst ins fnl 200m, sn hdd and k.o. sme pce
18/04/2018 Nmk Turf G 0-95 2000 02:09.40 60.5 10 Buick W 1 Ns Dukhan (GB) 94 Hld up in tch, edgd rght and jnd ldrs over 200m out, r.o. u.p to ld on line
23/10/2017 Pfr Turf S Listed 1600 01:51.80 58.5 8 Buick W 7 10.75 Connect (GB) 94 Trckd ldng pair, hdwy and cl up 1/2way, effrt over 400m out, sn rdn and wknd wl over 200m out
07/10/2017 Nmk Turf G Novice 1600 01:36.90 61 8 Kirby A 1 4.5 Gronkowski Led for 200m, styd upsides ldr tl rdn to ld 400m out, qcknd clr and in command 200m out, easily
02/09/2017 Chd AW F Novice 1600 01:39.40 58 6 Doyle J 1 3.25 Algam (IRE) Hld up in tch in last pair, swtchd rght and hdwy on outer 600m out, rdn and ev ch ent fnl 400m, led over 200m out, styd on strongly, readily
11/08/2017 Nmk Turf S Maid 1400 01:27.80 59.5 12 Doyle J 3 4.75 Vintager (GB) Disp ld over 800m out, rdn over 200m out, no ex ins fnl 200m
Date CRS Time Name WGT Type
Date CRS Time Name Jockey WGT Type