4 yrs. Bay F (12 days since last race)

Dansili (GB) - Sleek (GB) by OASIS DREAM (GB)

Yvonne Jacques

Carisbrooke Stud West Soley

Trainer: Roger Varian

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
18/02/2021 Mey Turf G G2 1800 1:48:47 57 7 Atzeni A 2 2.25 Summer Romance (IRE) 100 Trckd ldr, r.o. wl fnl 400m but no ch w wnr
28/01/2021 Mey Turf G G2 1600 1:35:08 57 5 Atzeni A 2 2.25 Althiqa (GB) 97 Mid-div, chsd ldrs and ev ch 600m out, r.o. wl fnl 300m
24/11/2020 Dea AW F Wfa 1900 01:55.81 58 15 Peslier O 1 1.25 Perfect Inch (GB) Trckd ldr aftr 400m, pshd alng to dspt ld 400m out, rdn to ld entrg fnl 200m, k.o. strngly
09/10/2020 Nmk Turf S G3 2000 02:08.56 56.5 11 Atzeni A 5 4.75 Angel Power (GB) 92 Chsd ldr, rdn and led nrrwly ov 400m out, hdd ov 200m out, no ex ins fnl 200m
16/09/2020 Yar Turf GF Listed 2000 02:04.31 56 2 Atzeni A 7 3.75 Majestic Noor (GB) 96 Chsd ldrs, rdn 400m out, styd on, nt pce to chal
23/08/2020 San Turf G G3 1600 01:42.08 56 7 Atzeni A 9 5.25 Maamora (IRE) 98 Midfield, rdn over 400m out, mde no imp
26/07/2020 Asc Turf G G3 1600 01:40.39 55 3 Doyle H 6 10 Lady Bowthorpe (GB) 104 Midfield, pshd alng ov 600m out, sme hdwy ins fnl f, nvr dang
25/06/2020 Hdo Turf GF Listed 1400 01:25.80 57 11 Atzeni A 7 4.5 Under The Stars (IRE) 106 Hld up in rr, pshd alng 800m out, rdn on outer ov 400m out, no imp frm ov 200m out
11/06/2020 Nbu Turf G Novice 1400 01:23.94 57 8 Atzeni A 1 Ns African Dream (GB) 106 Chsd ldrs, rdn and ev ch 400m out, led ov 200m out, faced strng chal ins fnl 200m, jst prvld
11/10/2019 Nmk Turf GS G3 1400 01:25.00 57 6 Atzeni A 7 8.25 Rose of Kildare (IRE) 105 Dwlt, hld up in tch in rr, no hdwy undr prss ov 200m out, wknd ins fnl 200m (trnr sd filly rn flt hvng hd a bsy ssn)
27/09/2019 Nmk Turf G G2 1400 01:24.10 57 8 Dettori L 2 0.5 Daahyeh (GB) 97 Strng, lkd wl; Stdd strt, hld up in rr, effrt and clsd ov 400m out, rdn to chse ldng trio ov 200m, k.o. wl ins fnl 200m, sntchd 2nd lst strd
12/09/2019 Don Turf GF Hcp 1300 01:20.36 61 7 Egan D 2 Ns Graceful Magic (GB) 94 Hld up towards rr, hdwy wl ov 400m out, effrt whn sltly hmprd and swtchd rt ov 200m out, rdn to ld jst ins fnl 200m, sn drvn, edgd lft and hdd fnl 50m, k.o. gmly twrds fnsh (jcky sd filly sffrd intrfrnc apprxmtly 300m out)
24/08/2019 Gwo Turf G G3 1400 01:26.40 57 7 Egan D 4 1.75 Boomer (GB) Trckd ldr on outr, pshd alng to ld 400m out, sn rdn and hdd by wnr ov 200m out, no ex fnl 200m
05/08/2019 Kmp AW S Novice 1400 01:27.50 57 1 Atzeni A 2 Nk Melnikova (GB) Mde most, rdn entrg fnl 400m, drvn entrg fnl 200m, hdd ins fnl 200m, kpt on wl cls hm
25/07/2019 Nbu Turf GF Maid 1400 01:26.70 57 9 Atzeni A 3 4 Boomer (GB) Stdd strt, hld up in tch in last trio, shkn up and hdwy 400m out, chsd leading pair 1f out, rn grn, hng lft and one pce ins fnl 200m
Date CRS Time Name WGT Type
Date CRS Time Name Jockey WGT Type