7 yrs. Bay G (12 days since last race)

Sea The Stars (IRE) - Happy Land (IRE) by REFUSE TO BEND (IRE)

Tony Perkins & Partners

Knocklong House Stud

Trainer: David Simcock

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
18/02/2021 Mey Turf G G2 1600 1:35:94 57 3 Cosgrave P 6 1.5 D'Bai (IRE) 105 Nvr nr to chal but r.o. fnl 400m
11/02/2021 Mey Turf G G2 1800 1:48:39 57 2 Crowley J 4 6.75 Zakouski (GB) 105 Sis, nvr nr to chal
21/01/2021 Mey Turf G G2 1800 1:46:82 57 7 Atzeni A 5 8.25 Lord Glitters (FR) 105 Nvr nr to chal
12/01/2021 Ncs AW S/Slw Allow 1600 01:39.42 58.5 2 Spencer J 1 0.5 Count of Amazonia (IRE) 105 Dwlt strt, trvlld strngly, rcd in lst, crsng and gng bst ov 400m out, hdwy to chal ov 200m out, pshd alng ins fnl 200m, led twrds fin
16/09/2020 San Turf G Listed 1600 01:42.87 59 6 Spencer J 4 5.25 Posted (GB) 105 Awkwrd strt, hld up in lst, pshd alng fr 400m out, rdn and wnt 4th ins fnl 200m, nvr nr to chal
09/08/2020 Sal Turf GF G3 1600 01:38.32 58.5 5 Shepherd C 4 7.5 Regal Reality (GB) 105 Slwly awy, twrds rr, hdwy ov 400m out, rdn and wnt 3rd ov 200m out, k.o. til no ex fnl 100m
31/07/2020 Gwo Turf GF Hcp 1600 01:36.91 60 6 Marquand T 6 4 Prompting (GB) 105 Dwlt strt, hld up in rr, rptdly shrt of rm frm ov 400m out, hdwy whn in the clr ov 200m out, k.o. fnl 110m, nt pce to chal
11/07/2020 Asc Turf G G2 1600 01:39.53 57.5 7 Morris L 8 9.25 Mohaather (GB) 107 Hld up in rr, pshd alng ov 400m out, rdn ov 200m out, sn no imp
05/06/2020 Nmk Turf GF Listed 1600 01:34.47 60.5 4 Shepherd C 7 7.75 Marie's Diamond (IRE) 107 Dwlt strt, hld up in lst agnst fr rail, gng esly ov 400m out, sn rdn, no imp frm ov 200m out
06/09/2019 Asc Turf GF Hcp 1600 01:41.90 60 5 Spencer J 1 0.5 Lord North (IRE) 97 Stdd strt, hld up in lst, smth prog 400m out, crsd into the ld lst 100m, easly
25/08/2019 Yar Turf F Hcp 1600 01:35.80 62.5 2 Spencer J 1 1.5 Solid Stone (IRE) 92 Stdd and drppd in bhd aftr strt, hld up in tch, clsd and crsd upsds rvls jst ov 200m out, led ins fnl 200m, shkn up and rdly assrtd, nt extndd
30/07/2019 Gwo Turf G Hcp 2000 02:09.20 55.5 16 Donohoe S 12 9.5 Fayez (IRE) 93 Stdd after strt, hld up in rr, no hdwy ov 200m out, nvr invlvd
29/06/2019 Wnd Turf GF Hcp 1600 01:41.60 61 4 Cosgrave P 2 0.5 Waarif (IRE) 93 Hld up in lst, stl thr ov 200m out, cjld alng to cls on ldrs fnl 200m, hngg lft bt styd on to tk 2nd nr fin
08/06/2019 Chd AW S Hcp 1600 01:36.60 60.5 11 Havlin R 4 3.5 War Glory (IRE) 94 Stdd and drppd in bhd after strt, t.k.h, hld up in rr, stl last and nt clr rn ov 200m, hdwy 200m out, r.o. strngly ins fnl 200m
16/05/2019 Yor Turf GF Hcp 1600 01:38.10 59 2 Spencer J 7 4.25 What's The Story (GB) 95 Dwlt and hld up in rr, hdwy wl ov 400m out, rdn wl ov 200m out, plggd on, nt rchd ldrs
11/08/2018 Asc Turf G Hcp 1600 01:43.70 62 6 Moreira J 7 4 Via Serendipity (GB) 97 Plld hrd early, hld up in midfld, nt qckn 400m out, no prog ov 200m out and wl hld aftr
14/07/2018 Yor Turf GF Hcp 1600 01:38.40 62.5 3 Atzeni A 3 6 Wadilsafa (GB) 98 Dwlt and in rr, hdwy ov 400m out, rdn wl ov 200m out, styd on fnl 200m
20/06/2018 Asc Turf GF Hcp 1600 01:39.40 58 10 Murphy O 9 5 Settle for Bay (FR) 100 Rcd fr sde, midfld, hdwy ov 400m out, rdn and ch ov 200m out, unabl to quckn ins fnl 200m, one pce fnl 150m, 3rd of 10 in grp
30/05/2018 Ntt Turf S Hcp 1700 01:49.10 60 4 Murphy O 6 18 Repercussion (GB) 100 In rr, pshd alng 600m out, drvn 400m out, wknd ov 200m out
27/08/2017 Gwo Turf G G3 1400 01:24.20 55 6 Murphy O 5 8.5 Dutch Connection (GB) 100 Stdd str, hld up in lst and wl off the pce, nvr abl to make any impct, tk mdst 5th ov 200m out ( jcky sd clt ws outpcd in the erly stgs)
22/06/2017 Asc Turf GF Hcp 1600 01:40.50 55 3 Spencer J 1 0.5 Ronald R (IRE) 90 Racd far sd, stdd strt, hld up in rr, clsd and squzd thrgh gp wl ov 200m out, rdn to ld ovll 200m out, styd on and alwys dng engh twrds fin, 1st of 8 in grp
27/05/2017 Gwo Turf GF Hcp 1400 01:27.40 50 4 Jones A 5 2 Sutter County (GB) 90 T.k.h., hld up in midfld, shffld bck to rr ov 400m out, hdwy and clr rn ov 200m out, sn swtchd lft, stll shftg lft but styd on wl ins fnl 200m, nvr gng to rch ldrs
06/05/2017 Don Turf GF Hcp 1600 01:39.20 56.5 2 Spencer J 3 1 City of Joy (GB) 82 Stdd strt and hld up in rr t.k.h., hdwy on innr to trck ldrs 600m out, rdn alng wl ov 200m out, drvn entrg fnl 200m, no imp twrds fin
01/04/2017 Chd AW S Maid 1600 01:37.22 56.5 5 Murphy O 1 0.75 Highland Cradle (GB) T.k.h., trckd ldng pr, effrt and shkn up to ld jst ov 200m out, qucknd 2 lngths clr and rdn ins fnl 200m, k.o. and alwys dng engh aftr
17/03/2017 Lin AW S Maid 1600 01:42.10 59.5 5 Murphy O 2 1 Island Brave (IRE) T.k.h., chsd wnr ov 1200m out, rdn entrg fnl 400m, k.o. undr press ins fnl 200m bt nvr gttg on trms w wnr
Date CRS Time Name WGT Type
Date CRS Time Name Jockey WGT Type