Veterinary advice for DWCC participants


The UAE maintains a nil-tolerance policy in relation to the use of Prohibited Substances and Participants are referred to the Emirates Racing Authority Rules of Racing and Instructions, with which they must comply.

Participants should be aware that they must also comply with UAE Customs Controls in relation to prescription medicines, neutraceuticals and medical oral supplements.  If found, these items are liable to be confiscated on import and penalties imposed.

As per the conditions laid down in the Dubai Racing Club Carnival Brochure, horses stabled in Dubai Racing Club facilities will only be permitted medications supplied by Dubai Equine Hospital veterinary surgeons.  If a horse has particular medical requirements, the Dubai Racing Club will endeavor to assist, if advance notice is given.

If your horse has been treated with long-acting medications, for example methylprednisolone, anabolic steroids or procaine penicillin, we would point out that some assistance to Participants in determining whether a horse is fit to race in accordance with the Rules may be gained from the ERA Pre-Race Elective Sampling Service which may reveal the presence of substances that render a horse unfit to race. Information related to the format, timeframe and cost of this service is available from the ERA Veterinary Officer.

Participants are advised that the testing of samples by any laboratory other than the Equine Forensic Unit, CVRL, Dubai, cannot be relied upon for racing in the UAE.

Further information relating to the Rules and prohibited substances in particular, can be found in the Dubai Racing Club Carnival Brochure and also the document entitled “The Rules and Participant’s Information” which can be downloaded from the ERA website.