10 April 2016

ERA Media Release - Mr Ahmed Al Mehairbi

United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi – 6 April 2016

ERA Stewards today concluded an inquiry into a report received from the Equine Forensic Laboratory, that the prohibited substance hydrochlorothiazide was detected in the post-race urine sample taken from ATAYYAN (AE) after it ran 11TH in the Al Wataniya Cup (2000 metres) at Al Ain on Thursday 17 March 2016.

Trainer Mr. Ahmed Al Mehairbi pleaded guilty to a charge under the provisions of ERA Rule 95AAA 2, in that he presented and raced ATAYYAN (AE) at Al Ain on 17 March 2016, when the post-race urine sample taken from that horse, upon analysis, was found to contain hydrochlorothiazide a prohibited substance under the ERA Rules.

In considering penalty the Stewards took into account the following:

• Mr. Ahmed Al Mehairbi’s guilty plea.

• Mr. Ahmed Al Mehairbi’s excellent Disciplinary Record for breaches of the prohibited substance rules.

• The nature of the prohibited substance being therapeutic.

Mr. A Al Mehairbi was fined the sum of AED 40,000

Pursuant to ERA 86(ii) ATAYYAN (AE) was disqualified from 11th place in the Al Wataniya Cup (2000 metres) at Abu Dhabi on Sunday 17 March 2016 and placings were adjusted accordingly.

John Zucal

ERA Chief Steward