ERA Media Release - Mr Ibrahim Aseel

The ERA Stewards opened an inquiry on Wednesday 2nd November 2022, into the notification by the Dubai Equine Forensic Unit (EFU) regarding the presence of Clenbuterol being detected in a blood clearance sample taken from ES JALMUD (AE) at Meydan Track on Wednesday 21st September 2022.

Evidence was taken from Mr. Ibrahim Aseel (Trainer of ES JALMUD (AE)) and Dr. Kieran Finn (ERA Regulatory Veterinarian). The following matters were established during the inquiry;
1. On Sunday 17th January 2021, ES JALMUD (AE) raced at Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club in Race 4, where a post-race veterinary examination revealed the horse to be lame in the left fore-leg. Mr. Aseel was advised that prior to the horse being entered to race again, he must provide a veterinary certificate of fitness for ES JALMUD (AE).
2. On Wednesday 21st September 2022, Dr. K Finn passed ES JALMUD (AE) with an official test when completing a satisfactory veterinary inspection and gallop, at which time a blood sample was taken from the horse for analysis.
3. On Thursday 29th September 2022, ERA Stewards were advised of the irregularity to Clenbuterol in respect to the blood clearance sample taken from ES JALMUD (AE) at Meydan Track on Wednesday 21st September 2022.
4. On Wednesday 5th October 2022, the ERA Stewards informed Mr. Aseel via a visit to his “Emirates Stud Stable” of the sample irregularity to ES JALMUD (AE). Mr. Aseel advised that ES JALMUD (AE) had been under treatment with Ventipulmin for a respiratory issue. He further advised that he is aware that Clenbuterol is a prohibited substance under the ERA Rules of Racing. On this occasion, he mistakenly did not think that it would have been an issue when clearing a horse for a veterinary embargo and that he had operated under the understanding that Clenbuterol has a 7 clear day withholding. Mr. Aseel’s medication logbook had correctly documented the use of Ventipulmin, finishing the treatment on ES JALMUD (AE) on Thursday 15th September 2022.
5. Mr. Aseel advised that he did not wish to exercise his right to have the reserve portion of the sample analysed by another accredited racing laboratory in accordance with ERA Rule 95D(ii).
6. Dr. K Finn advised that Clenbuterol acts upon the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, being considered to be a therapeutic medication and is present in Ventipulmin. Clenbuterol is classified as a beta2 agonist and potent bronchodilator, usually being administered orally. The ERA have a suggested 15 clear day withholding for oral administration, which was the route of treatment given to ES JALMUD (AE).

Trainer Mr. Aseel pleaded guilty to a charge under the provisions of ERA Rule 95AAA 1(b), in that he administered Clenbuterol, a prohibited substance under the ERA Rules of Racing to ES JALMUD (AE) prior to an official test on Wednesday 21st September 2022, with the blood sample taken from ES JALMUD (AE), detecting the substance.

In determining an appropriate penalty, the Stewards considered a number of factors including:
• Mr. Aseel’s guilty plea.
• The forthright manner and cooperation of Mr. Aseel throughout the inquiry and early admittance of fault.
• Mr. Aseel’s blemish free record in relation to breaches to prohibited substances.
• The circumstances of this case and that the treatment had been recorded in the Medication Logbook for ES JALMUD (AE).
• The substance detected, namely Clenbuterol is used for a respiratory issue, not a lameness issue for which ES JALMUD (AE) had received the embargo.
• ES JALMUD (AE) was not required to be passed by the ERA Veterinarian, rather the stable veterinarian.

Mr. Aseel was fined the sum of AED 7,000 and advised of his rights of appeal.

Further, the ERA Stewards directed that ES JALMUD (AE) was required to provide a veterinary clearance prior to entering to race again, however Mr. Aseel requested the ERA to perform a satisfactory veterinary inspection and gallop, which was conducted on Wednesday 19th October 2022, at which time a blood sample was collected for analysis. The analysis confirmed that there were no prohibited substances detected.

Relevant Rules:
ERA Rule 95AAA 1 – Any Person shall be liable to Penalty if:
(a) They administer or cause to be administered any Prohibited Substance which is detected in any Sample taken pursuant to Rule 8(vii) from any Horse prior to or following any Race, or Test.

ERA Rules 95D(ii) – Upon the detection by an Accredited Racing Laboratory of a Prohibited Substance in the Sample from a Horse, such laboratory shall notify its finding to the Stewards, who shall then notify the Trainer of the Horse of such finding and give him the option to have the reserve portion of the Sample Tested at another ERA-approved Accredited Racing Laboratory. The Trainer will have 3 days to notify the Stewards of such requirement. A refusal by the Trainer to Test the reserve portion of the Sample shall not prevent the Stewards from having the reserve portion of the Sample Tested.

Stewards Panel:
• Mr. Sam Shinsky (Chairman), Mr. Rashid Alblooshi, Mr. Hugh Hynes and Dhahi Al Jallaf.