11 yrs. Bay H (2726 days since last race)

Piccolo (GB) - Secret Melody (FR) by Inchinor (GB)

Qatar Racing Limited

Petra Bloodstock Agency Ltd

Trainer: Francis Henri Graffard

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
13/02/2014 Mey AW S G3 1200 01:10:61 57 2 Bentley H 11 6.75 Russian Soul (IRE) 112 Sn led, hdd and wknd 300m out
23/01/2014 Mey Turf G G2 1400 01:23:36 57 5 Spencer J 3 1.5 Anaerobio (ARG) 112 Sn led, rdn clr 400m out, hdd 200m out, r.o. sme cpe
02/11/2013 Mil Turf H G3 1400 01:29:50 61 2 Convertino P 2 1.5 Regarde Moi (GB) NOR Trckd ldng trio, rdn to chs eventual wnr approaching fnl 200m, r.o. undr press, no imp fnl 75m
30/06/2013 Cha Turf GS G1 1600 01:37:01 58 4 Rispoli U 5 1.75 Havana Gold (IRE) NOR Restrained in midfield, swtchd ins and hdwy whn hmprd on rail 400m out, sn in the clr and rdn, swtchd back off rail ent fnl 200m and r.o. to go 5th cl hme, finshd wl but nvr abl to chal
19/06/2013 Asc Turf GF G3 1400 01:25:30 59 17 Spencer J 6 5.75 Gale Force Ten (GB) 113 Hld up, rdn and hdwy 400m out, staying on whn edgd right ins fnl 200m, no further prog twrds fi
01/06/2013 Lon Turf S G3 1400 01:24:36 55 8 Rispoli U 1 0.75 Tulips (IRE) NOR Midfield, 6th and travelling wl 500m out, short of room 300m out, rdn and qcknd approaching fnl 200m to ld last 75m, drvn out
12/05/2013 Lon Turf F G1 1600 01:34:68 58 15 Barzalona M 14 6 Style Vendome (FR) NOR Trckd ldr, led approaching 400m out, sn rdn, hdd ov 200m out, wknd ins fnl 200m
01/11/2012 Sai Turf H G1 1600 01:52:70 57 3 Murtagh J 6 16.25 Loch Garman (IRE) NOR Hld up in rr, rdn but no ex ent strght, sn btn
13/10/2012 Mil Turf G G1 1600 01:37:10 56 7 Rispoli U 3 1 Law Enforcement (IRE) NOR Hld up in last trio, smth hdwy ov 600m out, rdn and wnt 3rd 300m out, styd on ins fnl 200m, almost snatched 2nd on post but nvr dang w wnr
22/09/2012 Lon Turf GS G3 1600 01:45:61 58 7 Rispoli U 1 0.75 Visiyani (FR) NOR Sttld 6th, qcknd wl undr press ent fnl 200m, wnt 2nd 50m out, r.o. strngly to take ld 20m out, hld on wl
09/09/2012 Lon Turf F G3 1400 01:22:07 56 3 Rispoli U 3 2 What a Name (IRE) NOR Sttld in 3rd, rdn to go 2nd 400m out, r.o. wl undr press fnl 200m
19/08/2012 Dea Turf F G1 1200 01:09:60 57 3 Lemaire C 7 3.5 Reckless Abandon (GB) NOR Midfield, rdn ov 400m out, sn outpcd, plugged on to go 7th ins fnl 100m
29/07/2012 Dea Turf F G3 1200 01:09:30 56 2 Lemaire C 3 2.75 Mazameer (IRE) NOR Rcd in cl 2nd, rdn ent fnl 200m, no ex, styd on at one pce
28/06/2012 Dea Turf S Listed 1000 00:58:00 58 1 Lemaire C 1 2.5 Style Vendome (FR) NOR Trckd ldrs, k.o. wl
Date CRS Time Name WGT Type
Date CRS Time Name Jockey WGT Type