10 yrs. Gr H (2073 days since last race)

Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Marie Vison (IRE) by Entrepreneur (GB)

Frank Gillespie

M Parrish

Trainer: Kevin Ryan

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
12/09/2015 Leo Turf S G1 2000 02:05:41 60.5 4 Spencer J 6 4.75 Golden Horn (GB) 123 Hld up in rr, not qckn under 400m out, k.o. same pce fnl 200m, nvr on trms
19/08/2015 Yor Turf GS G1 2100 02:09:92 60 8 Spencer J 3 3.5 Arabian Queen (IRE) 123 Wnt rt s, hld up twrds rr, drvn ov 400m out, styd on sme pce ov 200m out
04/07/2015 San Turf GF G1 2000 02:05:70 60.5 2 Spencer J 2 3.5 Golden Horn (GB) 123 Trckd wnr, chal & upsides fr 800m out, gd battle aft & rdn 400m out, no ex jst ov 200m out, outpcd last 150m
17/06/2015 Asc Turf GF G1 2000 02:05:00 57 1 Spencer J 2 Ns Free Eagle (IRE) 126 In tch on inner, nt clr run fr ov 400m out whn trying to chal, continually denied a run til ins fnl 200m, went 2nd fnl 150m, r.o. strngly, closed rapidly on wnr nr fin, unlucky
24/05/2015 Cur Turf G G1 2000 02:13:37 58.5 5 Moore R 4 1.75 Al Kazeem (GB) 126 Trckd ldr in 2nd, closer 600m out, rdn along 400m out, not qckn ins fnl 200m in 4th, k.o. same pce
28/03/2015 Mey Turf G G1 1800 01:47:76 57 6 Moore R 2 4.25 Solow (GB) 127 Mid-div, chsd ldrs 400m out, r.o. fnl 200m but no ch w wnr
13/09/2014 Leo Turf G G1 2000 02:03:18 57 2 Moore R 1 Nk Australia (GB) 122 Hld up in rr, pshd along in 6th 400m out, styd on wl to ch ldr in 2nd 200m out, k.o. strngly to ld in closing strides
20/08/2014 Yor Turf GF G1 2100 02:07:30 56 2 Hughes R 2 2 Australia (GB) 119 Hld up in rr, stdy hdwy ov 600m out, styd on appr fnl 200m, tk 2nd last 75m, no imp
13/07/2014 Lon Turf S G1 2400 02:41:76 58 1 Moore R 6 10.5 Gallante (IRE) 119 Hld up twrds rr on inner, pshd along ov 600m out, rdn & toiling 400m out, sn no imp on ldrs & wl hld, plugged on & tk mod 6th twrds fin, nvr dang
01/06/2014 Cha Turf F G1 2100 02:05:58 58 6 Moore R 1 3 Shamkiyr (FR) 119 Sn midfield on inner, angled off rail into strght, pshd along & closed 400m out, swtchd rt again & rdn to chal ov 200m out, led jst ins fnl 200m & qcknd clr, styd on strngly, readily
15/05/2014 Yor Turf GS G2 2100 02:08:90 57 6 Moore R 1 0.75 Arod (IRE) 108 Chsd ldng pair, hdwy 600m out, cl up ov 400m out, rdn to ld 300m, hung rt appr fnl 200m, drvn & k.o. wl twrds fin
03/05/2014 Nmk Turf GF G1 1600 01:36:60 57 2 Spencer J 10 5.75 Night of Thunder (IRE) 110 Grad moved across to far side, in tch in midfield overall, rdn 400m out, unable to qckn u.p. & btn 200m out, wknd ins fnl 200m
17/04/2014 Nmk Turf G G3 1600 01:35:40 57 4 Spencer J 2 2 Toormore (IRE) 110 Led tl ov 1200m out, jnd ldr again 600m out, rdn & edgd rt wl ov 200m out, sn led again, wandered lft u.p. & hdd ov 200m out, shifting rt & styd on sme pce ins fnl 200m
26/10/2013 Don Turf S G1 1600 01:44:80 57 7 Lee G 7 11.75 Kingston Hill (GB) 108 Chsd ldrs, drvn ov 600m out, wknd jst ins fnl 200m
14/09/2013 Don Turf GS G2 1400 01:26:90 56 6 Lee G 2 3 Outstrip (GB) NOR Led, pshd along & qcknd wl ov 400m out, jnd & rdn wl ov 200m out, hdd & drvn 200m out, k.o. sme pce
21/08/2013 Yor Turf GF G3 1400 01:23:00 57 1 Lee G 2 Nk Treaty of Paris (IRE) NOR Trckd ldrs, drvn 600m out, outpcd ov 200m out, edgd lft & styd on ins fnl 200m, jst hld
13/07/2013 Yor Turf GF Maid 1200 01:12:00 59.5 8 Lee G 1 0.75 Brazos (IRE) NOR In rr, shkn up aft 200m, hdwy ov 400m out, chsng ldr ins fnl 200m, hung lft, styd on to ld twrds fin
Date CRS Time Name WGT Type
Date CRS Time Name Jockey WGT Type