11 yrs. Bay G (2241 days since last race)

Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Summer Trysting (USA) by Alleged (USA)

Cheng Keung Fai

Moyglare Stud Farm Ltd

Trainer: John Moore

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
28/03/2015 Mey Turf G G1 2410 2:28:29 57 7 Moreira J 4 4.75 Dolniya (FR) 123 At rr, nvr nr to chal but r.o. fnl 400m, nrst fin
01/03/2015 Sha Turf GF G1 2000 02:01:57 57 3 Moreira J 1 1.25 Helene Super Star (USA) NOR Jumped w field, eased, drifting back to second last, made forward move 750m out but tkn wide & swtchd back in, tkn wide in strght, swooped around field to ld 200m out, plld clr
07/02/2015 Sha Turf GF G3 (HK) 1800 01:47:26 59.5 9 Moreira J 1 Ns Packing Llaregyb (IRE) NOR Twrds the rr, not hurried early stages, moved closer passing 600m out & swung 3 wide for home, picked up pce grad under top weight, joined ldng grp ins 50m out, class prevailed in the end
14/12/2014 Sha Turf GF G1 2000 02:01:96 57 3 Moreira J 1 Ns Military Attack (IRE) NOR Patiently hld up at the rr 7 lengths off the pce, wide bid nearing 600m, swung widest into strght, chsd hme Military Attack, kpt giving under strng drive, dug deep fnl stages to prevail in a pulsating fin
23/11/2014 Sha Turf GF G2 2000 02:01:71 58 10 Moreira J 5 0.5 Blazing Speed (GB) NOR Wl back early, began forward move 600m, tkn wide in strght & finished off strngly to be closest at the fin
26/10/2014 Sha Turf GF G2 (HK) 1600 01:34:37 60.5 5 Moreira J 8 3.25 Military Attack (IRE) NOR Began ok, settling bhnd midfield in one off position, caught flat footed turn, unable switch out 400m out & swtchd in, finished off fairly
05/10/2014 Sha Turf GF G3 (HK) 1400 01:21:44 60.5 6 Teetan K 3 0.75 Gold-Fun (IRE) NOR Outpcd, dropping to nr last away fr fence, no clr run top of strght, swtchd in & then out, flashed hme strngly whn clr
25/05/2014 Sha Turf G G1 (HK) 2400 02:28:11 57 7 Berry T 5 4.25 Blazing Speed (GB) NOR Swtchd off to last, about 10 lengths off the pce first 800m, urged along 600m out, found less than expected in the sprint for hme
27/04/2014 Sha Turf GF G1 2000 02:01:06 57 5 Berry T 1 Nk Military Attack (IRE) NOR Hld up twrds rr, shkn up nearing 600m & moved closer to pce, qcknd up strngly to prss ldr mid strght, dueled fnl 200m & gained upper hand nr line
16/03/2014 Sha Turf G G1 (HK) 2000 02:02:04 57 10 Berry T 1 0.5 Able Friend (AUS) NOR Tkn back to the rr, bid wide 700m & advanced to a contending position leaving the bend, qcknd imp once asked, was strngly challenged fr both sides fr 200m out, asserted twrds fin
16/02/2014 Sha Turf G G1 (HK) 1800 01:47:91 57 3 Berry T 1 1.5 Able Friend (AUS) NOR Travelled wl bhnd mid-div, pckd up the pce fr 600m out, swung wide making rapid prog, loomed bhnd ldr & wrestled the ld at 100m, lengthened away twrds the line
19/01/2014 Sha Turf G G1 (HK) 1600 01:33:43 57 2 Berry T 2 0.5 Able Friend (AUS) NOR Restrained, settling 4 back along fence, swtchd out 500m out, pckd up momentum fr 300m, doing best work at fin
24/11/2013 Sha Turf GF Hcp 1600 01:35:56 58.5 3 Teetan K 1 Ns Business As Usual (GB) NOR Restrained, tkn to rail, waited, off bridle for a few strides 700m out, not clr run til 250m out, motored home to win in last stride
12/10/2013 Sha Turf GF Hcp 1600 01:34:29 58 9 Teetan K 4 2.75 Blazing Speed (GB) NOR Allwd to find feet, sitting bhnd midfield 3 wide w cover, tkn wide 350m out, pckd up speed, shifted in abruptly 200m out whn in front, k.o. strngly
07/07/2013 Sha Turf S Hcp 1600 01:36:30 52 3 Berry T 1 0.5 Rainbow Chic (IRE) NOR Shifted out, bmpd strt, sttld 6 lengths fr ldr along fence back stretch, peeled out 800m, tkn further out 600m, ran out against whip 200m but k.o. wl
16/06/2013 Sha Turf G Hcp 1400 01:22:00 54.5 7 Berry T 2 0.5 All You Wish (NZ) NOR Hmprd early & sttld bhnd midfield on rails, 7ls or so back, began to improve rounding bend angling wider at 400m, into clr fnl 300m & dashed home strngly for an eye catching debut
15/09/2012 Cur Turf S G1 1400 01:25:50 58.5 7 Grant D 2 4.75 Dawn Approach (IRE) NOR Waited w in rr, pshd along hlfwy on nearside, r.o. wl appr fnl 100m & wnt 2nd fnl 100m, nvr nrr
23/08/2012 Tip Turf H Prem Hcp 1400 01:39:97 59 1 Grant D 2 2 Sugar Boy (IRE) NOR Chsd ldr in 2nd, rdn ov 400m out & chsd wnr up strght, hrd rdn fr 300m out, styd on wl but no imp fnl 200m
06/08/2012 Naa Turf S Maid 1400 01:30:93 59.5 12 Grant D 1 2 Mouteab (IRE) NOR Trckd ldrs in 3rd, improved to ld nrrwly under 300m out, k.o. wl ins fnl 200m
27/05/2012 Cur Turf G Maid 1200 01:13:42 59.5 9 Grant D 4 2.75 Helene Super Star (USA) NOR Dwlt, 7th hlfwy, hdwy into 4th 200m out, no imp fnl 200m & one pce
17/05/2012 Gow Turf S Maid 1400 01:32:85 59.5 1 Egan J 3 1.75 Imperial Concorde (IRE) NOR Rcd last but in tch, rdn in 5th 400m out, improved into 3rd whn hung lft ov 200m out, k.o. fnl 200m
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Date CRS Time Name Jockey WGT Type