9 yrs. Bay H (1645 days since last race)

MEDAGLIA D'ORO (USA) - Magic Mission (GB) by Machiavellian (USA)



Trainer: Andre Fabre

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
31/03/2018 Mey Dirt F G1 2000 02:01.38 57 7 Barzalona M 9 Dist Thunder Snow (IRE) 122 Nvr bttr than mid-div
06/03/2018 Cha AW F Cond 1900 01:55.95 60 2 Guyon M 1 1.75 Cloth of Stars (IRE) Wl into stride, disputed ld early, sttld behind ldr, pshd into ld 400m out, rdn and qcknd ov 200m out, styd on strngly fnl 200m
10/12/2017 Sha Turf G G1 2400 02:26.23 57 1 Guyon M 2 1.75 Highland Reel (IRE) In tch in 3rd, trckd ldrs gng wl 500m out, rdn ov 200m out, prssd ldr strngly ins fnl 200m, no ex lst 100m
04/11/2017 Del Turf F Grade 1 2400 02:26.19 57 1 Barzalona M 1 0.5 Beach Patrol (USA) Saved ground, stalked pace, came out str, in btwn 200m out, bid, led, gamely
10/09/2017 Cha Turf S G2 2400 02:35.86 58 6 Cheminaud V 3 1.75 Dschingis Secret (GER) Hld up twrds rr, steady hdwy from 400m out, ev ch 200m out, no ex lst 100m
14/07/2017 Sai Turf F G2 2800 02:58.40 57 4 Barzalona M 1 1.25 Marmelo (GB) Sttld in mid-div, 5th and angled out appr fnl 500m, good hdwy und 400m out, led 300m out and sn clr, styd on wl fnl 200m, alwys in control
04/06/2017 Cha Turf GS G2 2400 02:29.45 57 1 Barzalona M 2 Nk Silverwave (FR) Led, hdd aft 600m and trckd ldr, led ov 400m out, styd on u.p., hdd 100m out, no ex
08/05/2017 Sai Turf S G3 2400 02:35.44 56 1 Barzalona M 2 1 Tiberian (FR) Led, rdn 300m out, hdd 100m out, no ex
18/04/2017 Mai Turf F Listed 2400 02:42.96 60 3 Barzalona M 1 1.5 Zemindari (FR) Disputed ld early, led aft 200, set steady pce, qcknd ov 400m out und hand riding and stayed up strngly fnl 200m
28/03/2017 Sai Turf S Listed 2400 02:38.92 58 2 Barzalona M 2 3 Tiberian (FR) Sttld bhnd ldr, moved alongside ov 400m out, rdn ov 200m out, challenged throughout fnl 200m but no ex cl hme
02/10/2016 Cha Turf F G1 2400 02:23.61 56 5 Barzalona M 11 19 Found (IRE) Alwys twrds rr
14/09/2016 Sai Turf F Listed 2400 02:31.55 56 3 Barzalona M 1 3 Al Haram (FR) Brk wl, sn steadied and sttld 4th, tk clsr order 600m out, shaken up and hdwy ov 400m out, led 300m out, drvn clr appr fnl 200m, won easing down
14/07/2016 Sai Turf GS G1 2400 02:29.56 58 8 Barzalona M 5 2.75 Mont Ormel (FR) Sttld in share of 5th on outer, rddn 500m out, no imp til k.o. u.p. ins fnl 200m, nt pce to get on terms
05/06/2016 Cha Turf S G1 2100 02:11.62 58 11 Barzalona M 4 4.5 Almanzor (FR) Led, hdd aft 400m and remained cl up on outer, hard rdn to chs ldr 300m out, styd on to ld briefly and narrowly ov 200m out, hdd ent fnl 200m, no ex
23/05/2016 Sai Turf H Listed 2400 02:46.24 58 3 Barzalona M 1 1.75 Spring Master (GB) Brk wl, w ldrs til sttld in tch aft 200m, 4th and nudged along 500m out, sn rdn and styd on to ld und 400m out, gradually crossed to stands' sde and drvn out fnl 200m, wl on top cl hme
12/03/2016 Sai Turf H Listed 2000 02:13.70 56.5 7 Barzalona M 2 3 Apilobar (FR) Hld up, rdn 600m out, styd on u.p. in straight adn went 2nd twrds fin, nt pce of wnr
01/10/2015 Cmp Turf GS Maid 1800 01:49.84 58 4 Barzalona M 1 7 Combe Hay (FR) Waited w behnd ldng trio on outer, shaken up to chal und 400m out, led 300m out, drvn clr fnl 200m
04/09/2015 Fbl Turf GS Maid 1400 01:28.80 58 2 Barzalona M 2 1 Plutonian (FR) S.i.s., recovered qckly to chs ldr, pshd along to sty on ldr's quarters from 600m out, rdn and responded 300m out, k.o. at sme pce fnl 200m
30/07/2015 Dea Turf S Maid 1200 01:12.64 58 7 Barzalona M 5 5.25 Omar Bradley (USA) Dwlt, hld up in rr, pshd along to cl on outer 400m out, outpcd by ldrs appr fnl 200m, k.o. without threatening aft, nt given hard time when held
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