6 yrs. Bay G (77 days since last race)

Bated Breath (GB) - Poyle Dee Dee (GB) by OASIS DREAM (GB)

Elkaer Stutteri

Cecil and Miss Alison Wiggins

Trainer: Niels Petersen

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
05/03/2022 Mey Turf G Cond 1400 1:21:67 60 14 De Sousa S 6 6 Storm Damage (GB) 102 Mid-div, r.o. sme pce fnl 500m
11/02/2022 Mey Turf G Listed 1400 1:21:77 57 9 Fresu A 12 15 Storm Damage (GB) 104 Nvr bttr thn mid-div
21/01/2022 Mey Turf G G2 1400 1:22:02 57 8 Cosgrave P 8 1.5 Naval Crown (GB) 104 Mid-div, r.o. sme pce fnl 500m
13/10/2021 Ovr Turf G Allow 1170 01:11.10 60 2 Lopez C 1 0.5 General de Vega (FR) No comment available
19/09/2021 Bpa Turf G Listed 1200 01:10.90 59 3 Lopez C 2 0.5 General de Vega (FR) No comment available
22/08/2021 Ovr Turf G Listed 1370 01:18.00 60 6 Lopez C 2 1 Duca di Como (IRE) No comment available
08/08/2021 Kla Turf G Cond 1200 01:11.00 61 3 Lopez C 1 Nk General de Vega (FR) No comment available
02/07/2021 Hmb Turf S G3 1200 01:12.24 58 7 Starke A 5 7 Majestic Colt (IRE) No comment available
13/06/2021 Bpa Turf GS Listed 1200 01:10.90 59 5 Cosgrave P 2 1 General de Vega (FR) No comment available
25/02/2021 Mey Turf G List Hcp 1400 1:23:71 61.5 8 Atzeni A 10 12 Zainhom (USA) 105 Trckd ldrs til wknd fnl 500m
04/02/2021 Mey Turf G Listed 1200 1:09:26 59.5 11 Atzeni A 4 5 Man Of Promise (USA) 105 Mid-div, r.o. sme pce fnl 400m
21/01/2021 Mey Turf G G2 1400 1:22:55 57 6 Atzeni A 5 2.75 Land Of Legends (IRE) 105 Trckd ldr, r.o. sme pce fnl 400m
15/10/2020 Cur Turf S Listed 1200 01:16.53 61 8 Lee W 2 2.25 Lustown Baba (IRE) 105 Hld up in bhnd ldrs far sde, 6th hlfwy and pshd alng 400m out, trckd ldrs and rdn ov 200m out, wnt 2nd ins fnl 200m, k.o. wl, no mtch for wnr
03/10/2020 Tip Turf S G3 1400 01:37.92 60.5 11 Lee W 4 3.75 Current Option (IRE) 106 Chsd ldrs on outr, rdn and wnt 3rd nr sde ov 200m out, no imp on ldrs wl ins fnl 200m and drppd to 3rd
29/09/2020 Cor Turf G Listed 1600 01:43.49 61 1 Lee W 4 2.25 Keats (IRE) 106 Cls up, 3rd aftr 200m, dsutd 3rd at hlfwy, gng wl bhnd ldrs 600m out, pshd alng ov 400m out, sn rdn, no imp on ldrs dsptng 3rd ov 1f out, lst plc ins fnl 200m
12/09/2020 Leo Turf G Prem Hcp 1400 01:27.62 63.5 16 Lee W 1 0.75 Lord Rapscallion (IRE) 101 Hld up in mdfld, gng wl on outr ov 400m out, rdn and hdwy ov 200m out, rn on wl ins fnl 200m to ld cls hm
23/08/2020 Naa Turf S Listed 1400 01:32.18 62 5 Hayes C 8 6 Bounce The Blues (IRE) 103 Chsd ldrs, 3rd hlfwy, pshd alng ov 400m out and led undr 400m out, no ex undr prssr and hdd 200m out, wknd
08/08/2020 Cor Turf G Listed 1400 01:23.73 61 11 Hayes C 4 2.75 Current Option (IRE) 103 Wtd w twrds rr, tk clsr ordr gng wl 400m out whr nt mch rm brfly, shrt of rm btwn hrss 200m out, sn swtchd rt and rn on wl twrds fin into nvr thrtnng 4th (jcky sd tht hs mnt gt no rn)
22/07/2020 Naa Turf G 3yo+ 1400 01:29.20 62.5 10 Lee W 1 Hd Geological (IRE) 103 Brk wl and led brfly til sn hdd, trckd ldr in 2nd, rdn cls 200m out and sn prssd ldr, k.o. wl to ld ins fnl 100m, all out cls hm (trnr sd, rgdg the imprvd frm shwn, the gldng rn wl on his ssnl rpprnc aftr a 14th mnth lyff. Trnr add the gldng rn 8 dys ltr and my hv bn an elmt of the ''bounce'' fctr, fllwng a 17 dy brk btwn his rcs the gldng rpprd tnght and rn to his bst frm)
05/07/2020 Fai Turf S G3 1400 01:30.49 62 1 Colgan R 8 7.25 Speak In Colours (GB) 104 Dwlt slghtly and pshd alng brfly, sn chsd and wnt 2nd aftr 200m, dsptd ld frm hlfwy, rdn ov 400m out and sn hdd undr pressr, wknd and esd
27/06/2020 Cur Turf G Listed 1600 01:41.44 60.5 9 Lee W 3 1.5 Ancient Spirit (GER) 101 Chsd ldrs in 3rd, pshd alng 400m out, clsr entrg fnl 200m, k.o. wl
05/05/2019 Gow Turf S 3yo 1600 01:42.81 59 1 Foley S 4 3.5 Basic Law (IRE) 102 Cls up erly til sn sttld bhnd ldrs in 3rd, dspted 3rd frm hlfwy, rdn bhnd ldrs undr 400m out and no imp undr press in 4th fr sd ins fnl 200m, k.o. one pce
06/04/2019 Leo Turf S Listed 1400 01:32.10 58.5 7 Whelan R 3 2.5 Never No More (IRE) 102 Sn trckd ldr, 2nd hlfwy, effrt undr 400m out, on trms brfly btw hrss ov 200m out til sn hdd, no imp on wnr undr press in 3rd wl ins fnl 200m, k.o. sme pce
20/10/2018 Leo Turf S G3 1400 01:28.89 58.5 1 Keane C 4 1.25 Coral Beach (IRE) 103 Chsd ldrs, 4th hlfwy, rdn in 4th 400m out and sme hdwy nr sd into 3rd ov 200m out, k.o. sm pce ll ins fnl 200m and drppd to 4th cls hm
13/10/2018 Lim Turf H Maid 1400 01:37.00 59.5 2 Whelan R 1 Nk Wargrave (IRE) Sn dsptd til led undr 600m out, sn shkn up to extnd ld, styd on wl fnl 200m, ld rdcd cls hm
01/09/2018 Cur Turf GS G3 1200 01:12.02 58.5 8 Hayes C 5 9 Ten Sovereigns (IRE) Chsd ldrs, rcd knly erly, 3rd hlfway, pshd alng bhnd hrss 400m out whr nt mch rm, sn lst plc and swtchd rt in 6th ov 200m out, one pce in 5th ins fnl 200m (jcky sd clt lst its actn)
26/08/2018 Cur Turf S G2 1400 01:24.37 58.5 6 Whelan R 4 3.25 Anthony Van Dyck (IRE) Chsd ldrs, 3rd hlfwy, pshd alng to go 2nd brfly ov 400m out, no ex undr press in 3rd undr 400m out, drppd to 4th ins fnl 200m
09/08/2018 Leo Turf G Maid 1200 01:15.70 59.5 2 Whelan R 3 6.75 Inverleigh (IRE) Chsd ldrs and pshd alng brfly in 5th aftr strt, 5th at hlfwy, drvn into strght and no imp on ldrs in cls 7th entrng fnl 200m, rdn and r.o into nvr thrtnng 3rd cls hm
Date CRS Time Name WGT Type
Date CRS Time Name Jockey WGT Type