8 yrs. Bay G (73 days since last race)

Sea The Stars (IRE) - By Request (GB) by Giant's Causeway (USA)

Bouresly Racing Syndicate

John Connaughton

Trainer: Rashed Bouresly

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
25/02/2021 Mey Turf G List Hcp 1400 01:23.71 57.5 3 Lecoeuvre C 14 Dist Zainhom (USA) 97 Sis, alwys in rr
17/05/2019 Yor Turf GF Hcp 2000 02:11.00 60 8 Atzeni A 1 Nk Society Red (GB) 99 Trckd ldrs, hdwy ov 600m out, cl up 400m out, rdn to ld jst ov 200m, edgd lft ins fnl 200m k.o.
12/10/2018 Yor Turf G Hcp 1600 01:37.00 60 9 Atzeni A 4 3.75 Just Hiss (GB) 99 Hld up, effrt whn nt clr run ov 400m out, swtchd lft and hdwy ov 200m out, k.o. fnl 200m, nrst fin
29/09/2018 Nmk Turf GF Hcp 1800 01:48.00 58 13 Atzeni A 5 5 Wissahickon 99 Lkd wl, rcd cntr to far sd, hld up in midfield, shffld bk, effrt and nt clr run and swtchd lft entrg fnl 400m, hdwy undr press ov 200m out, k.o. ins fnl 200m, no thrt to wnr, 5th of 25 in grp
06/05/2018 Nmk Turf GF Hcp 2400 02:30.50 60.5 11 Atzeni A 2 1.5 Grey Britain (GB) 97 Lkd wl, stdd strt, hld up in lst qurtt, clsd trvllng strly and nt clr run ov 400m out, effrt to ld and hng rt ov 200m out, hdd 100m out, wknd twrds fin
26/08/2017 Yor Turf G Hcp 2000 02:07.20 58 1 Bentley H 12 11.75 Eddystone Rock (IRE) 97 Trckd ldrs on innr, hdwy 600m out, effrt and cl up 400m out, sn rdn and wknd
01/08/2017 Gwo Turf G Hcp 2000 02:07.70 56.5 15 Atzeni A 4 2 Dark Red (IRE) 97 Hld up in tch in lst trio, stll twrds rr and lkng for run whn swtchd rt ov 200m out, strng run to chs ldrs ins fnl 200m whn frcd to swtch lft arnd ldrs 100m out, k.o.
15/07/2017 Yor Turf G Hcp 2000 02:10.10 56 20 Atzeni A 4 1 Ballet Concerto (GB) 97 T.k.h, trckd ldrs, hdwy to ld 400m out, rdn over 200m out, drvn ins fnl 200m, hdd and no ex lst 50m
13/05/2017 Asc Turf GF Listed 2400 02:33.30 57 8 Atzeni A 5 6 Desert Encounter (IRE) 97 Trckd ldr, rdn to chal ov 400m out, outpcd ov 200m out, fdd
20/04/2017 Rip Turf GF Hcp 2000 02:02.30 60.5 11 Atzeni A 1 0.75 Final (GB) 93 Racd wd frm drw for 200m, prom rcng in 2nd plc, effrt ov 400m out, led ins fnl 200m, pshd out and k.o. twrds fin
22/10/2016 Don Turf G Hcp 2400 02:31.30 56.5 9 Atzeni A 6 6 To Be Wild (IRE) 93 Mid-div, stdy hdwy ov 400m out, one pce whn strck ov hd by rvl rdr's whp ov 200m out
19/09/2016 Lei Turf GS Maid 2400 02:34.10 59.5 4 Atzeni A 1 4.5 Arthur Mc Bride (IRE) Trckd ldrs, rcd knly, shkn up to ld ov 200m out, sn pshd clr, easd wl ins fnl 200m
23/04/2016 Lei Turf GS Maid 2000 02:12.40 55.5 9 Atzeni A 3 6.5 Imperial Aviator (GB) Hld up in tch, shkn up ov 200m out, sn edgd rt, no ex fnl 200m
Date CRS Time Name WGT Type
Date CRS Time Name Jockey WGT Type